Parkett is pleased to announce the publication of Sigmar Polke, Windows – Fenster, Grossmünster Zürich. At the end of 2009, Sigmar Polke (1941 – 2010) completed a cycle of 12 luminous windows for the Grossmünster Cathedral in Zürich, setting a new benchmark in the relationship between art and church.

The book is exploring and documenting Polke’s last great project. The richly illustrated publication integrates the design of the windows into the artist’s oeuvre as a whole. A diverse range of eight essays provide profound and unexpected insights into the art historical background of the cycle and place it within the context of Polke’s work as a whole. The publication was initiated and accompanied by Sigmar Polke.

In her text, Katharina Schmidt writes: “The window images lay themselves open to contradictions and conflict, to illusion and wonder, to good faith, severity, and healing, to the beauty of the earth and the dignity of living things. These are images one can constantly return to and repeatedly interrogate.”
In his essay, Gottfried Boehm states: “Sigmar Polke’s design of the Grossmünster windows ranks among the world’s outstanding dialogues between contemporary art and traditional church architecture.”

The book will be presented at Parkett’s booths at the Frankfurt Bookfair (M.534/4.1/Oct. 6-10), at Frieze Art Fair in London (Oct. 13-17) and at the New York Art Book Fair (Nov 5-7).

Sigmar Polke, Windows – Fenster, Grossmünster Zürich
Essays by Gottfried Boehm, Jacqueline Burckhardt, Bice Curiger, Ulrich Gerster, Regine Helbling, Claude Lambert, Urs Rickenbach, Käthi La Roche, Katharina Schmidt, and Marina Warner.

208 pages, 30 x 21, 5 cm, hardcover, 110 color images, English/German, ISBN 978-3-907582-27-5
Parkett Verlag / Grossmünster Zürich

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