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This exhibition brings together a group of new and rarely seen works by Paul McCarthy. It addresses a core element of McCarthy’s art: the way in which physical and psychological de-stabilization is made to occur through the body’s interaction with dislocated architectural space. This question has been central for McCarthy since his earliest experiments with destruction in painting and performance in the 1960s. The exhibition includes ‘Spinning Room’, a projective installation first proposed in 1971, ‘Mad House’, a new installation, ‘Bang Bang Room’ (1993) and a group of rarely seen film loops, videotapes and a slide work from 1966-1971.

Curated by Chrissie Iles.

Through September 28, 2008

Film has been an important inspiration for Paul McCarthy since the beginning of his career. McCarthy began making films as a student in the mid 1960s. In conjunction with the exhibition, McCarthy has curated a program that brings together films by Tony Conrad, films from the 1970s by Valie Export and Maria Lassnig, 1960s structural films by Kurt Kren, rarely screened works by Jack Smith, Stan VanDerBeek and Stan Brakhage, and a group of films by Pat O’Neill. Works by Bas Jan Ader, Jack Goldstein, Morgan Fisher and Nina Sobell will also be screened. Two classic Warhol westerns, ‘Horse’ (1965) and ‘Lonesome Cowboys’ (1969) will be screened. ‘The Sound of Music’ (1965) will be projected upside down and backwards. The series also includes screenings of ‘The Pawnbroker’ (1965), and selections from ‘Close Radio’, a half hour radio program curated by McCarthy from 1976-1979 with John Duncan, featuring, amongst others, Allan Kaprow, Ant Farm, Guy de Cointet, Jack Goldstein, Les Levine and Paul McCarthy.

See the Whitney website for the full ‘Film List’ schedule: www.whitney.org

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Image Above:

Paul McCarthy, Spinning Room, 1970/2008, Aluminum, wood, Servo motors,vinyl rear projection screens, video projectors, electric motor, sensors, electrical components, show control, video equipment. Collection of the artist; courtesy Hauser & Wirth London/Zurich.

Stan VanDerBeek, Science Friction, 1959. 16mm film, color, sound; 9:46 minutes. Photo courtesy Anthology Film Archives, All Rights Reserved. Copyright: The Estate of Stan VanDerBeek