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Curated by Peter Pakesch In cooperation with steirischer herbst These days, we regard moving images as an integral component of art. Projected images are capable of evoking and materialising – and at the same time challenging – possible definitions of “real”. One of the most distinctive figures of the younger US-filmmaking generation is Sharon Lockhart. Her approach to the media is strongly influenced by the New American Cinema, which since the late 1950s, radically redefined film and placed it in the context of the plastic arts – even shocking the avant-garde! Bruce Conner, a key figure of this movement, regarded his films screened in exhibitions as an expansion of art space. Andy Warhol used many of his films furthermore in an actionist or performance context. Not only the question of reality unites these three positions, also the materiality of film itself plays an important part. Lockhart’s approach of “painting” films can be seen in her latest work Double Tide (2009). Warhol’s Screen Tests (1964-66) and Conner’s A MOVIE (1958) and REPORT (1963-67) also investigate the medium of film in respect of its material aspects. Through the work of these three filmmakers, Screening Real provides a model history of the development of media spaces, and a commentary on the spectacular changes in American culture during a period of major and fluctuating political events. One more exhibition in Kunsthaus Graz: Warhol Wool Newman Painting Real Curated by Peter Pakesch September 26, 2009 – January 10, 2010 Kunsthaus Graz, Space01 Tue–Sun 10am–6pm
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