Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art

From May 1, Overgaden will upgrade to having a full-time Artistic Director. The position is listed internationally and is open to application by artists as well as other art professionals with relevant experience and qualifications.

The institution has recently changed from being a self-organized space, based on artist initiative, to a more professional not-for-profit art institution. Central to Overgaden is to present, interpret and discuss Danish contemporary art and surrounding discourses by showing and discussing these, as well as by introducing artists and interests from other places. Since Overgaden is about to embark on initiatives that will shape its future, the new director will play a key role in the way the institution will develop. Vision and personal initiative will thus be prioritized.

As the Artistic Director you will be responsible for the overall leadership, management and public presentation of the institution in keeping with the general vision and mandate of Overgaden. Reporting to the board of Overgaden, you will be responsible for thematically putting together the artistic program as well as the practicalities of carrying this out. You will also be responsible for the daily administration, organization, budgeting, staffing as well as the long-term strategic planning and profiling of the institution. The board must approve the program and budget.

As the Artistic Director you will be working with a half-time public relations person, as well as with technical personnel responsible for taking up and down exhibitions along with the guarding of these exhibitions.

Further Qualifications: Basic IT knowledge, working knowledge of English (spoken and written). A working knowledge of the Danish language should be achieved within a short time upon acceptance of the position. Experience in organization is a must as well as a strong vision and sense of understanding of the workings of institutions. It is expected that you will take up residence in Denmark.

The position is defined as having a 37-hour work week on a 4-year contract and there is then the possibility of renewing the contract for an additional 2 years. Salary: 30,000 DKK/month, non-negotiable.

Your application must include CV, documentation of relevant experience, 2 references and reason for applying.

Application Deadline: noon, February 8, 2006,

Interviews will be held during the last week of February (week 8) 2006.

Applications should be clearly marked, Artistic Director, and mailed to Overgaden, Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, 1414 København K. If sent e-post, then to sm@overgaden.org.

For more information, see www.overgaden.org or contact Søren Martinsen by telephone at 0045 32 57 72 73 or sm@overgaden.org.