Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

Colonel the curator lifting running competition 23 April to 13 June 2004 Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center Nikolaj Plads 10 Denmark 1067 Copenhagen K p: + 45 3393 1626 Open daily 12- 17 pm Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, proudly presents the world premiere of Colonel’s film the curator lifting running competition. Danish/French artist Colonel’s video from the Venice Biennale 2003 will be shown at Nikolaj’s Cinema. It presents the staging of a competition in which artists raced each other while carrying a curator on their backs. The prize was an admission ticket to the most prestigious party of the Biennale. During a major art event as the Venice Biennale, both artists and curators are subject to hidden rules and mechanisms which must be adhered to in order to obtain a good position in the hierarchy of the art world. With his energetic and humorous video Colonel focusses on these mechanisms and unveils a lobbyistic game which is not merely about creating exhibitions but also about preserving certain privileges. On the plane: It begins on the plane from Denmark where the art industry clique has booked the same flight. Colonel hands out flyers, already well underway with his campaign to recruit contestants for the competition. New film concept: Colonel uses people who simply happen to be there to film the situations which arise. In so doing they become both witnesses to and participants in the processes of uncovering the hidden mechanisms of the cultural event. The press: In Venice Colonel intensifies his endeavours and now involves the journalists so that they may help him spread the word about the upcoming event. Participants for the competition: In Venice Colonel goes on to invite artists as well as curators to be a part of the great race. The party: Colonel chases invitations to the most coveted parties in order to use them as the first prize of the curator lifting running competition. The competititon: During the competition the artist both symbolically and literally becomes the curator’s arms and legs. For more information on this project, please visit or The exhibition has received support from The Danish Arts Agency. Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center Nikolaj Plads 10 Denmark 1067 Copenhagen K p: + 45 3393 1626 Open daily 12- 17 pm
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