What's on the Agenda?

Honorary post-performance flowers for Mary Ann Duganne Glicksman offered by the performer to Guy de Cointent. Performance view, FIAC, Paris, 2010.

What’s on the Agenda?

ON THE AGENDA IN OCTOBER Dahn Vo at Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin Ana Teixeira Pinto takes a tour of the brief history of Dahn Vo, ending up at a grave marker for his father (via a 19th century English poet’s headstone and a 17th century play), only to discover “the man without qualities.” read here FIAC – International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris Adam Kleinman makes a stopover between uh and oh at the Paris FIAC, amidst a carousel of other city (or banlieu?) events. read here “Slip Snip Trip” at Karma International, Zürich Quinn Latimer gets metaphysical while gazing into the Ikebana arrangements at Karma International in Zurich. read here Marcel Broodthaers at Marian Goodman Gallery and Michael Werner Gallery, New York Media Farzin reads Broodthaers’s Section Cinéma at Marian Goodman as “neither a re-creation nor a rehearsal: it is a work made for a gallery setting as a perpetual representation of itself.” read here 29th São Paolo Biennial Octavio Zaya makes a very distinct verdict on the 29th São Paolo Biennial, and certainly not without controversy…. read here art forum berlin & abc art berlin contemporary: “light camera action” From Berlin, Kirsty Bell reports—with the fog of gallery politics having hardly blown over—on the art forum and its more contemporary alternative abc. read here George Maciunas: “Mr. Fluxus” at Stendhal Gallery and “Out of the Box” at the Emily Harvey Foundation, New York Colby Chamberlain probes the “madcap heterogeneity” of George Maciunas at the Stendhal Gallery and his legacy the Emily Harvey Foundation. read here Rob Pruitt: “Pattern and Degradation” at Gavin Brown’s enterprise and Maccarone, New York What do Amish adolescence,, Warholian self-portraits, Mickey Mouse ears, and Jeffrey Deitch have in common? Paddy Johnson takes a whack at Rob Pruitt’s latest. read here RECENTLY ON AGENDA Kirsty Bell on Rashid Johnson’s “There are Stranger Villages” at Guido W. Baudach, Berlin read here Tyler Coburn on “Dennis Hopper Double Standard, ” MOCA, Los Angeles read here Adam Kleinman on Charlotte Posenenske at Artists Space, New York read here Andrew Berardini on Kori Newkirk at Country Club, Los Angeles read here Michèle Faguet on Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin read here
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