Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB


The Centre of Arts Caja de Burgos (CAB) is situated in proximity to the Gothic church of San Esteban. Its location in the high area of Burgos’ historic centre causes it to incorporate an attractive cultural itinerary that, leads visitors from the Cathedral to the church of San Nicolas, including the reredos museum and the recently restored group of buildings of the Castle’s fortress. Composed of three original structures that engage in a permanent dialogue with the city, the building has several exhibiting spaces interconnected by means of walkways from which offer views of urban vistas.

The Caja de Burgos collection, comprised of over 600 works by contemporary artists displayed on a continuous basis, currently occupies one of the floors where periodical revisions regarding thematic and formal concerns of the collection take place. The acquisitions reflect the interconnectedness of humanity, society and nature–a prominent theme in the museum’s program.

The CAB hosts a varied exhibition program with the intention to show what is contemporary in the art world. The museum shows both Spanish and international artists, focusing on a younger generation. Exhibitions, workshops and interdisciplinary projects reflect issues within contemporary society and involve various mediums, spanning audio and visual arts, net-art, architecture, must and performance.

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    CAB Burgos Calle Saldaña 09003 Burgos, Spain


    T +34 947 256 550