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Everything we do, from the programme we present in our galleries and with partners in Britain and around the world, to the books, products and food we sell in our shops and restaurants, supports our mission: to promote public understanding and enjoyment of British, modern and contemporary art.

The Tate holds the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day and international modern and contemporary art. The collection embraces all media, from painting, drawing, sculpture and prints to photography, video and film, installation and performance.

New forms of cultural dialogue and international exchange are developing, involving artists, institutions and audiences, within and between cities, regions, and continents. Contemporary critical perspectives are prompting a theoretical and practical reassessment of the relationships and interdependencies within this network of global cultural exchange. In this context, Tate is developing collaborative programmes and initiatives with a range of partners, connecting our staff and collection to programmes, audiences, institutions and individuals in many different parts of the world.

Educational Programming

Tate’s learning programmes, both in the galleries and online, take the collection and exhibitions as their point of inspiration. They offer a range of ways for newcomers, regular visitors and seasoned experts alike to deepen their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art. There are programs for families, adults, youth, schools, teachers and local communities.

Tate’s research remit is broad and encompasses not only art history but also visual culture, technical art history and conservation science, cultural theory and policy, education and museum studies.Tate aims to stimulate research and fresh thought in wide-ranging or new subject areas, by bringing together staff and scholars from different disciplines and collaborating with a number of partner organisations. We have established several Research Centres to focus attention and energy on areas of particular interest to Tate, or where Tate is uniquely placed to contribute to debates within research communities.

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