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Editorial—“Strange Universalism” Journal #86 November 2017
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Towards a New Universalism Journal #86 November 2017
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#74 June 2016

Editorial—“Art Ontologies of Silicon Valley”

What if There’s No Next Big Thing?

Light Industry: Toxic Waste and Pastoral Capitalism

The Artist Leaving the Googleplex

Asynchronous! On the Sublime Administration of the Everyday

Love Machines and the Tinder Bot Bildungsroman

The Artist-in-Consultance: Welcome to the New Management

Jodi’s Infrastructure


No Man’s Space: On Russian Cosmism

#74 June 2016 What if There’s No... Light Industry: Toxic... The Artist Leaving the... Asynchronous! On the... Love Machines and the... The... Jodi’s Infrastructure Contra-Internet No Man’s Space: On...