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Author Title Date Shelf
1894-95 Montgomery Ward and Co. 1977 A9-27
Marx, Karl A Contibution to the Critique of Political Economy 1977 A1-2
Rosen, Barry (organizer) A Sound Selection: Audio Works by Artists 1977 B2-10
An Album of Stereographs 1977 B1-28
Baranik, Rudolf et. al. An Anti-Catalog 1977 B2-51
Anti-Oedipus 1977 A6-38
Artforum September, 1977 F2-36
Luhr, William and Peter Lehman Authorship and Narrative in the Cinema; Issues in Contemporary Aesthetics and Critici 1977 N1-165
Winner, Langdon Autonomous Technology; Technics-out-of-Control as a Theme in Political Thought 1977 N2-86
Horenstein, Henry Beyond basic Photography; A Technical Manual 1977 N1-37
Marx, Karl Capital, Volume One 1977 C8-8
Ewen, Stuart Captains of Consciousness; Advertising and the Social Roots of Consumer Culture 1977 N2-76
Editorial Department of Renim Ribao (People Charirman Mao's Theory of the Differentiation of the Three Worlds is a Major Contribu 1977 A1-29
Chinese Literature 1977 A4-11
Chinese Women in the Fight for Socialism 1977 A3-46
Cineaste 1977 B1-6
Kandinsky, Wassily Concerning the Spiritual in Art 1977 B4-13
B Der Arbeiter - Fotograf 1977 B7-40
Eros and Photography 1977 B8-17
Viv Ethiopia: The Unknown Revolution 1977 A3-10
Feminism, Art and Politics January, 1977 A4-71
G Fotografie als Waffe 1977 B1-10
Gays and Film 1977 A9-29
George Herriman's Krazy Kat 1977 I1-2
Harlem on My Mind 1977 B7-41
Agonito, Rosemary History of Ideas on Woman 1977 A3-12
Gantz, Joe If It's Done Right It Is 1977 N1-110
Includes film and book reviews Spring 1977 A4-70
Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Prin Indian Manuscripts 1977 A1-79
Danziger, James and Barnaby Conrad III Interviews with Master Photographers 1977 B1-14
Davis, Url Israel: Utopia Incorporated 1977 A9-20
Jump Cut 1977 B2-3
Jump Cut 1977 B2-3
Jump Cut 1977 B1-5
Gough-Cooper, Jennifer and Jacques Caumont La Vie Illustr 1977 A9-79
MacLeish, Archibald Land of the Free 1977 N1-145
Venturi, Robert; Denise Scott-Brown and Ste Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form 1977 A8-26
Lesbian Art and Artists Fall 1977 A4-79
Hudson, Derek Lewis Carroll: An Illustrated Biography 1977 B1-23
LIFE Goes to War 1977 C1-13
Milband, Ralph Marxism and Politics 1977 A1-4
Mass Culture, Political Consciousness, and English Studies April, 1977 A7-32
Hine, Lewis W. Men at Work; Photographic Studies of Modern Men and Machines 1977 N1-134
Sjowall, Maj and Wahloo, Per Murder at the Savoy 1977 A9-5
New German Critique Fall 1977 A3-82
Sontag, Susan On Photography 1977 B1-19
Our Contemporaries: Thirty Stories 1977 C6-7
Burt, Nathaniel Palaces for the People 1977 A8-33
Paper Bullets: Great Propaganda Posters, Axis & Allied Countries WWII 1977 A1-14
Flukinger, Roy; Larry Schaaf & Standish Mea Paul Martin; Victorian Photographer 1977 N1-88
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