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Author Title Date Shelf
Andrew, Ed Closing the Iron Cage 1981 A1-18
Blatter, Janet, and Sybil Milton Art of the Holocaust 1981 A1-3
Special Symposium on the Role of Intellectuals in the 1980s Winter 1981-82 A1-14
October Spring 1981 A1-16
Rodney, Walter A History of Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 1981 A3-6
Kovel, Joel The Age of Desire 1981 A3-27
The Custom-Made Child? Women-Centered Perspectives 1981 A3-21
Women and Revolution 1981 A3-19
Joseph, Gloria I. & Jill Lewis Common Differences: Conflicts in Black and White Feminist Perspectives 1981 A3-27
hooks, bell Ain't I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism 1981 A3-28
Griffin, Susan Pornography and Silence 1981 A3-1
Ascher, Carol Simone De Beauvoir: A Life of Freedom 1981 A3-20
Paige, Karen Ericksen, The Politics of Reproductive Ritual 1981 A3-31
Special Double Issue on New German Cinema Fall/Winter 1981-2 A3-89
Progressive Architecture June, 1981 A5-14
"Cryptographic Research and NSA" December, 1981 A6-7
The Review of Radical Political Economics Fall, 1981 A7-13
Stoppani, Leonard, et al. William Morris and Kelmscott 1981 A7-61
Gradus, Ben Directing: The Television Commercial 1981 A7-8
Grossman, Michael Baruch and Martha Joynt K Portraying the President 1981 A7-7
Smith, Anthony Goodbye Gutenberg 1981 A7-10
Television Today 1981 A7-17
Hebdige, Dick Subculture:The Meaning of Style 1981 A8-34
Heath, Stephen Questions of Cinema 1981 A8-2
Todorov, Tzvetan Introduction to Poetics 1981 A8-29
Said, Edward W. Covering Islam 1981 A8-35
Coe, Peter and Malcolm Reading Lubetkin and Tecton: Architecture and Social Commitment 1981 A8-5
Luria, Dan and Jack Russell Rational Reindustrialization; An Economic Development Agenda for Detroit 1981 A8-13
Badger, Daniel D. Badger's Illustrated Catalogue of Cast-Iron Architecture 1981 A8-37
Smithson, Alison and Peter The Heroic Period of Modern Architecture 1981 A8-41
Wolfe, Tom The Right Stuff 1981 A8-5
Baudelaire, Charles Art in Paris 1845-1862 1981 A8-5
Baddeley, W. Hugh The Technique of Documentary Film Production 1981 A8-9
Grierson on the Movies 1981 A8-15
Nichols, Nill Ideology and the Image 1981 A9-5
Sandford, John The New German Cinema 1981 A9-17
Talking Machines 1981 A9-3
Freiberg, Freda Women in Mizoguchi Films 1981 A9-17
Margolies, John The End of the Road; Vanishing Highway Architecture in America 1981 A9-16
Schorske, Carl E. Fin de Si 1981 A9-4
Cathers, David M. Furniture of the American Arts and Crafts Movement 1981 A9-6
Life-Time Furniture 1981 A9-9
The Roycrofters Roycroft Furniture 1981 A9-10
Quaint Furniture: Arts and Crafts 1981 A9-11
Collected Works of Gustav Stickley 1981 A9-14
Freeman, Dr. Larry Spa Fever 1981 A9-25
Green, Frank L. Captains, Curates and Cockneys: The English in the Pacific Northwest 1981 A1-4
Leen, Daniel The Freighthopper's Manual for North America 1981 A1-12
Simmons, Sylvia The Great Garage Sale Book: How to Run a Garage, Tag, Attic, Barn, or Yard Sale 1981 A1-31
Hearnshaw, L.S. Cyril Burt - Psychologist 1981 A1-16
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