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Author Title Date Shelf
60 Photos Qui Racontent Notre Histoire 1984 B6-71
A Creative Tension: Key Issues of Socialist-Feminism 1984 A3-24
Venturi, Robert and Denise Scott Brown A View from the Campidoglio: Selected Essays 1953-1984 1984 M3-7
Afterimage 1981-1984 B2-2
Afterimage April 1984 B2-2
Afterimage Summer 1984 B2-2
Afterimage October 1984 B2-2
De Lauretis, Teresa Aliced Doesn't: Feminism Semiotics Cinema 1984 A8-11
Postman, Neil Amusing Ourselves to Death 1984 A7-19
Art & Ideology 1984 N1-72
The New Museum of Contemporary Art Art and Ideology 1984 B1-6
Art and Money October, 1984 B3-18
Becker, Howard S. Art Worlds 1984 A9-19
Banlieues Fragiles 1984 A9-27
Cineaste 1984 B1-6
Cineaste 1984 B1-6
Cineaste 1984 B1-6
Defense and Armement September, 1984 A6-29
Arbus, Diane Diane Arbus: Magazine Work 1984 B6-76
Ganzel, Bill Dust Bowl Descent 1984 B6-90
Edward Weston Omnibus; A Critical Anthology 1984 N1-75
Eleanor - Harry Callahan 1984 B7-23
Erste Projekte zur behutsamen Stadterneuerung 1984 A9-12
Exposure Fall 1984 F2-18
Puckett, John Rogers Five Photo-Textual Documentaries from The Great Depression 1984 A8-14
George Grosz: The Face of the Ruling Class 1984 B4-20
High Performance 1984 B8-23
Historic Houses Castles and Gardens 1984 A8-20
Cagin, Seth and Philip Dray Hollywood Films of the Seventies 1984 A8-14
Anderson, Perry In the Tracks of Historical Materialism 1984 C1-8
Mattelart, Armand, International Image Markets 1984 A7-10
Szarkowski, John Irving Penn 1984 B7-25
Staff of Berlitz Guides Italian for Travellers 1984 A1-40
Feuchtwanger, Lion Jews S 1984 A1-10
Journalism Review January/February 1984 B1-8
Journalism Review May/June 1984 B1-8
Journalism Review July/August 1984 B1-8
Journalism Review September/October 1984 B1-8
LIFE The First Decade, 1936-1945 1984 B2-16
Dahl-Wolfe, Louise Louise Dahl-Wolfe; Photographer's Scrapbook 1984 N1-69
Man, Felix H. Man With Camera; Photographs by Felix H. Man 1984 N2-49
Man, Felix H. Man with Camera; Photographs from Seven Decades 1984 N1-139
Melodrama: The story continues? January-February, 1984 A7-19
Modernity and Postmodernity Fall 1984 A3-90
Moholy-Nagy: Photogrammes, Photomontages, Photographies 1984 B7-17
Kaledin, Eugenia Mothers and More: American Women in the 1950s 1984 A3-29
Eban, Abba My People 1984 C5-4
NACLA 1984 B1-10
NACLA March/April 1984 B1-10
NACLA May/June 1984 B1-10
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