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Author Title Date Shelf
Bird, Isabella L. A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains 1987 A1-13
Simeone, Angela Academic Women: Working Towards Equality 1987 A3-24
Afterimage Summer/1987 B2-1
American Horticulturist 1987-1988 A6-45
Lazere, Donald American Media and Mass Culture: Left Perspectives 1987 A8-1
American Photographer March, 1987 B1-29
Geldzahler, Henry Andy Warhol: A Memorial 1987 B4-59
Lederer, Richard Anguished English 1987 M1-12
Cooper, Jr., Henry S.F. Before Lift-Off: The Making of a Space Shuttle Crew 1987 A8-30
Richards, Eugene Below the Line: Living Poor in America 1987 B6-93
Berlin 1900-1933; Architecture and Design 1987 A8-4
Ware, Michael E. Canals and Waterways 1987 C1-13
Stebbins Jr, Theodore E and Norman Keyes Jr Charles Sheeler: The Photographs 1987 B7-15
Cineaste 1987 B1-6
CJR 1981-1987 B1-8
Collection of articles and magazines: Labor's Heritage,Art Journal/Block/Left Curve 1987-1998 G1-30
Group Maerial Constitution by Group Material 1987 A7-50
Country Journal 1987 A6-45
Critical Inquiry Summer 1987 G4-2
Harris, Marvin Cultural Anthropology 1987 N2-108
Cultural Critique Winter 1986-1987 E7-42
Cultural Survival Quarterly, The New Yorke 1985-1987 B2-10
Daniel Buren 1987 C1-1
Rabiger, Michael Directing the Documentary 1987 A8-15
Documenta 7 1987 B2-6
Benton, Barbara Ellis Island 1987 B8-38
Feminist Studies Summer, 1987 A3-30
Feminist Studies Spring, 1987 A3-50
Films for Women 1987 A8-12
Fine Homebuilding December 1986/January 1987 A9-41
Fuse 1980-1987 B2-8
Gardening 1987-1989 B2-11
Holticulture 1987-1989 A6-45
Horticulture December, 1987 A6-42
Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty In Other Worlds: Essays in Cultural Politics 1987 A3-18
Independent Focus: Call for Entries 1987 A8-35
Heskett, John Industrial Design 1987 A9-36
Invisible Seattle: The Novel of Seattle, by Seattle 1987 A1-8
Journalism Review May/June 1987 B1-8
Theweleit, Klaus Male Fantasies, Volume 1: Women Floods Bodies History 1987 A3-3
Moholy-Nagy: Painting, Photography, Film 1987 B7-16
Mother Earth News 1987/1989 A6-45
Multinational Monitor May 1987 B2-5
Multinational Monitor April 1987 B2-5
Multinational Monitor May 1987 B2-5
Multinational Monitor July/August 1987 B2-5
Multinational Monitor November/December 1987 B2-5
Sperber, A.M. Murrow: His Life and Times 1987 A9-11
NACLA Jan/Feb 1987 B1-11
NACLA July/Aug 1987 B1-11
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