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Author Title Date Shelf
Resettlement and Relocation: Part I 1988 A6-35
Third Text Winter 1988/89 A6-50
Feminism and Film Theory 1988 A8-16
Visions of Space: A Free Space Symposium for National Spaceweek 1988 A8-36
New Challenges for Documentary 1988 A8-24
A Dream Fulfilled: City and Suburban's York Avenue Estate 1988 A9-18
In The Public Interest: A new awards program November, 1988 A9-39
St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics 1988 A1-19
The Jewish Museum September 13, 1987 - January 14, 1988 A1-77
Aenne Biermann: Photographs 1925-33 1988 B7-26
Gedenken und Denkmal 1988 B8-9
Storyteller Fall 1988 B8-15
Denizens of the Desert 1988 B1-33
Dollars and Sense 1974-1988 B2-7
Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture 1988 C1-1
Image Ethics 1988 C1-6
Moscow 1900-1930 1988 C1-20
Tikkun Nov/Dec 1988 C2-3
New Formations Summer 1988 E7-83
Social Text Fall 1988 H4-6
Radical History Review Fall 1988 H4-11
NACLA March/April 1988 B1-11
NACLA May/June 1988 B1-11
NACLA July/Aug 1988 B1-11
American Horticulturist 1987-1988 A6-45
Harrowsmith 1988/1989 A6-45
Global Television 1988 N1-162
Film and History April 1988 N1-163
Feminism and Film Theory 1988 N1-171
Global Television 1988 N2-61
Books: 51 - 80 / 80 Pages: 2 of 2 prev page