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Author Title Date Shelf
Berkin, Carol A Brilliant Solution 2002 C2-14
Sebald, W.G. After Nature 2002 O1-15
Afterimage September/October 2002 A1-55
Alternative New York 1965-1985 2002 N2-91
Menand, Louis American Studies 2002 N2-4
Jodidio, Philip Architecture Now! 2002 C1-46
Atlantic Center for the Arts Newsletter January-June 2002 F2-2
Big Media and What You Can Do About It January 7/14, 2002 A6-12
Bamford, James Body of Secrets 2002 M1-2
Camera Austria International 2002 A6-19
Camera Austria 2002 D1-2
Camera Women 2002 B9-15
Foster, Hal Design and Crime (and other diatribes) 2002 N2-111
Dialogue/tema celeste/Camera Austria/Doubletake/Frieze 1992-2002 D1-45
Adams, Scott Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel 2002 O1-5
Dissent Summer 2002 E6-80
Dissent Winter 2002 E6-82
Dissent Fall 2002 G1-26
Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Empire/State 2002 C3-4
European Integration and National Identity 2002 C1-1
Douglas, Stan Every Building on 100 West Hastings 2002 B4-57
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan 2002 C9-21
McNally, Joe Faces of Ground Zero 2002 C1-22
Kaminer, Wendy Free for All 2002 C1-21
From Work to Text 2002 C2-16
McGiffen, Steven P. Globalisation 2002 C1-14
Grey Room Summer 2002 C7-13
Halleck, DeeDee Hand-Held Visions 2002 A7-42
In These Times; Independent News and Views Nov. 11, 2002 M2-41
Bolt, Mikkel Infopool 2002 C1-8
Ciaglia, Joseph Introduction to Digital Photography 2002 N1-32
M Kunst als sozialer Raum: Andrea Fraser, Martha Rosler, Rikrit Tiravanija, Ren 2002 M1-7
Monthly Review October, 2002 G1-27
Monthly Review December, 2002 H3-9
Monthly Review January, 2002 H4-16
Monthly Review June, 2002 H4-17
New Left Review July/Aug 2002 G1-30
Salvaing, Matthieu Oscar Niemeyer 2002 A8-6
Meyer, Richard Outlaw Representation; Censorship and Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century American Art 2002 O1-1
Pearson, Michael Pearson's Canal Companion: Pennine Waters 2002 C1-15
Rosen, Marvin J. and Devries, David L. Photography and Digital Imaging 2002 N1-44
London, Barbara; John Updike, Ken Kobr Photography 2002 N1-30
Picture Nov/Dec 2002 F2-44
Radical History Review 2002 C1-26
Radical History Review Fall 2002 G1-14
Reappraising the Value of Shared Governance July-August 2002 M2-43
Reclaiming the High Line 2002 C1-12
Relational Aesthetics 2002 A9-12
Nancy, Jean-Luc, Sans commune mesure: Image et texte dans l'art actuel 2002 M1-11
de Souza, Philip Seafaring and Civilization 2002 C9-9
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