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Author Title Date Shelf
Bastiat, Frederic Essays on Political Economy 1874 A1-34
Jones, Elisha Exercises in Greek Prose Composition 1882 A1-7
Andrews, Roy Chapman Ends of the Earth 1929 B1-26
Marie, Grand Duchess of Russia Education of a Princess 1931 A3-31
Escoffier, A. Escoffier's Basic Elements of Fine Cookery 1941 A8-44
Bacon, Francis Essays and New Atlantis 1942 A7-31
English - German Dictionary 1944 A1-30
Asch, Sholem East River 1946 A1-12
Mann, Thomas Essays by Thomas Mann 1957 A8-24
Kelly, J. Frederick Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut 1963 A9-38
Marx, Karl Early Writings 1963 A1-9
Frank, Lawrence Explorations in Communication 1966 A7-14
English Fairy Tales 1967 A8-14
Essential Writings of Karl Marx 1967 A1-15
Edwardian 1900 Antique Furniture, Handbook #7 1969 A9-17
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady Eighty Years and More: Reminiscences 1815-1897 1971 A3-10
Simpson, Jacqueline Everyday Life in the Viking Age 1971 C1-48
Kapp, Yvonne Eleanor Marx, Volume 1 1972 A3-1
Mayer, David Eisenstein's Potemkin 1972 A7-5
Lenin, V.I. Economic and Politics in the Era of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat 1972 A1-23
Bernstein, Eduard Evolutionary Socialism: A Criticism and Affirmation 1972 A1-23
Kapp, Yvonne Eleanor Marx, Volume 2 1973 A3-2
Barna, Yon Eisenstein: The Growth of a Cinematic Genius 1973 A7-24
Pehnt, Wolfgang Expressionist Architecture 1973 A8-10
Dorfman, Elsa Elsa's Housebook 1974 B1-7
Addison, Joseph Essays in Criticism and Literary Theory 1975 A7-3
Baron, Salo W. and Kahan, Arcadius Economic Theory of the Jews 1975 A9-4
Marx, Karl Early Writings 1975 A1-8
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell Early Victorian Architecture in Britain 1976 A8-27
Hightower, Jim Eat Your Heart Out 1976 A1-15
Eternal Glory to the Great Leader and Great Teacher Chairman Mao Tsetung! 1976 A1-27
Vancouver Art Gallery Eleven Early British Columbian Photographers 1976 B1-12
Viv Ethiopia: The Unknown Revolution 1977 A3-10
Eros and Photography 1977 B8-17
Gregory, R.L. Eye and Brain: The Psychology of Seeing 1978 B3-25
Maddow, Ben Edward Weston 1978 B7-22
Maddow, Ben Edward Weston; Seventy Photographs 1978 N1-73
Erich Salomon 1978 N1-74
Maddow, Ben Edward Weston; Seventy Photographs 1978 N1-76
Maddows, Ben Edward Weston; Seventy Photographs 1978 N2-80
Efecto Real 1979 A7-93
Lambourne, Lionel Ernest Griset 1979 B8-6
Lambourne, Lionel Ernest Griset; Fantasies of a Victorian Illustrator 1979 M2-26
Arendt, Hannah Eichmann in Jerusalem 1980 A9-26
Early Soviet Photographers 1982 B8-62
Taylor, Barbara Eve and the New Jerusalem: Socialism and Feminism in the Nineteenth Century 1983 A3-17
Conger, Amy Edward Weston in Mexico 1923-1926 1983 B7-21
Hays, Paul W. and Scott M. Worton Essentials of Photography 1983 N1-36
Mattison, Harry; Susan Meiselas and Fae Rub El Salvador; Work of Thirty Photographers 1983 N1-71
Erste Projekte zur behutsamen Stadterneuerung 1984 A9-12
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