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Author Title Date Shelf
The New Yorker 19-Jan-03 F1-36
The New Yorker 19-Jan-03 F2-37
Lib 19-Nov-06 F2-46
American Narrative/Story Art: 1967-1977 1978 F2-99
New Art 1990 F2-154
Ordering Space 1994 F1-5
Magasin: Centre National d'Art Conteporain Vraiment f 1997 F2-150
Laboratorium 1999 F1-83
Review 2-Feb-01 F2-120
Aspekt 2/2000 - 1/2001 F2-58
Oxford Art Journal 2001 F1-2
Site 3-4.2002 F2-45
Artforum April, 1975 F1-31
New Art Examiner April, 1994 F2-13
Artforum April, 1997 F2-112
Utne Reader August/September 1986 F1-45
Artforum December, 2000 F2-57
Exposure Fall 1984 F2-18
MAMA/Divan Feb-02 F1-67
Architecture Feb-04 F1-58
Architecture February, 2000 F2-61
Creative Camera February/March 1999 F2-38
in-view January-April, 1995 F2-24
Atlantic Center for the Arts Newsletter January-June 2002 F2-2
Springer March-May 1997 F1-42
SFMOMA News March/April 1995 F2-96
Video Guide May, 1984 F2-20
Art in America May, 1997 F2-111
Carta May-06 F2-3
Picture Nov/Dec 2002 F2-44
Artforum November, 2001 F2-73
Frieze November, December 1993 F2-17
The Catholic World November/December 1993 F1-39
Afterimage October, 1981 F2-60
The Independent October, 1987 F2-102
Artforum September, 1977 F2-36
Artforum September, 2003 F2-72
Texte Zur Kunst September, 2003 F2-76
Dialogue September/October 1980 F2-5
Afterimage Summer 1983 F3-1
Art Journal Summer 1994 F1-7
Art Journal Summer 2004 F3-6
Block Winter 1985/6 F1-32
Art Journal Winter 2000 F2-62
Fotografie nach der Fotografie   F1-1
GewaltBilder   F1-3
Family Nation Tribe Community: SHIFT   F1-4
Publi   F1-6
Surveillance   F1-8
Conceptual Art   F1-9
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