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Author Title Date Shelf
Hood, Clifton 722 Miles; The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York 1993 O1-55
Haacke, Hans "A breed apart"   A6-11
Hayes, Carlton J.H. A Generation of Materialism, 1871-1900   A2-25
Howells, William Dean A Hazard of New Fortunes   A4-14
Hansen, Al A Primer of Happenings and Time / Space Art 1965 B3-52
Hillerman, Tony A Thief of Time 1988 A9-1
Huyssen, Andreas After the Great Divide 1986 C1-32
Huysmans, J.K. Against the Grain (A Rebours)   A1-6
Hayter, Teresa Aid as Imperialism   A2-26
hooks, bell Ain't I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism 1981 A3-28
Hardy, Dennis Alternative Communities in Nineteenth Century England 1979 A9-21
Hareven, Tamara K., Amoskeag: Life and Work in an American Factory-City 1978 A3-19
Hoover, Edgar M. and Raymond Vernon Anatomy of a Metropolis; The Changing Distributionof People and Jobs within the New Y 1962 A9-42
Harrington, M.R. Ancient Life Among the Southern California Indians 1955 A1-32
Henshaw, Henry W. Animal Carvings from Mounds of the Mississippi Valley   A1-4
Hofstadter, Richard Anti-Intellectualism in American Life 1966 A6-15
Hadjinicolaou, Nicos Art History and Class Struggle 1978 A9-34
Hinz, Berthold Art in the Third Reich   A1-11
House, Suda Artistic Photographic Processes 1981 N1-15
Hendricks, Stanley Astronauts on the Moon   A8-35
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Autocrat of the Breakfast Table   A1-12
Hess, Thomas B. and John Ashbery Avant-Garde Art; 150 Years of Rebellion, Experiment and Audacity 1968 A9-41
Hobsbawm, Eric Bandits   A9-13
Hess, Thomas B. Barnett Newman   A6-26
Halsell, Grace Bessie Yellowhair 1973 A3-32
Horenstein, Henry Beyond basic Photography; A Technical Manual 1977 N1-37
H.D. Bid me to live   A4-14
Henderson, Sally and Robert Landau Billboard Art 1981 B1-4
Horenstein, Henry Black and White Photography; A Basic Manual 1983 N1-2
Hull, Steven Blind Date 1998 M1-5
Higgins, C.A. California Over the Santa Fe Trail 1910 B6-109
Hill, Gillian Cartographical Curiosities   A6-13
Hommel, Rudolf P. China at Work 1969 A9-31
Habermas, J Communication and the Evolution of Society   A2-13
Hunter, Beatrice Trum Consumer Beware! 1972 A1-17
Hedditch, Emma Copenhagen Free University May-01 C9-1
Hunt, Ashley Corrections: Video Installation for a Film   A6-12
Huberman, Leo, Cuba: Anatomy of a Revolution 1969 A3-5
Harris, Marvin Cultural Anthropology 1987 N2-108
Hughes, Robert Culture of Complaint; The Fraying of America   M2-72
Hearnshaw, L.S. Cyril Burt - Psychologist 1981 A1-16
Horkheimer, Max Dawn & Decline: Notes 1926-1931 & 1950-1969   A1-25
Horkheimer, Max, and Theodor W. Adorno Dialectic of Enlightenment   A1-20
Herr, Michael Dispatches   A3-1
Holmes, Mary J. Dora Deane or The East India Uncle   A1-24
Himelstein, Morgan Y. Drama was a Weapon: The Left-Wing Theatre in New York, 1929-1941   A5-34
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell Early Victorian Architecture in Britain 1976 A8-27
Hedler, Ernst (photos) East German Design 2004 O1-49
Hills, Patricia Eastman Johnson   A6-19
Hightower, Jim Eat Your Heart Out 1976 A1-15
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