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Author Title Date Shelf
Brym, Robert J. The Jews of Moscow, Kiev and Minsk 1994 H1-10
Visual Culture: Images and Interpretations   H1-1
The Threshold of the Visible World   H1-2
The Acoustic Mirror   H1-3
Rethinking Popular Culture   H1-4
Paul Auster's City of Glass   H1-5
The Post-Colonial Studies Reader   H1-6
Presenting the Past   H1-7
The Minnesota Review   H1-8
Evergreen Review Reader   H1-9
Black Swan   H1-11
Visual Elements 4   H1-12
The Railway Journey   H1-13
In Defense of History   H1-14
Landscape(s)   H1-15
Kunst Kommerz Visionen   H2-1
Love Forever: Yayoi Kusama, 1958-1968   H2-2
America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction   H2-3
Restlessness   H2-4
Are you Somebody?   H2-5
Women Who Run With the Wolves   H2-6
Fierce Attachments   H2-7
Cosmopolis   H2-8
Defining the Political   H2-9
Next to the City   H2-10
Tempolabor   H3-1
Reisen in die gro   H3-2
Viele Gr   H3-3
Reiseerinnerungen von damals   H3-4
Politische Plakate   H3-5
Palladio   H3-6
New Politics   H3-7
The Communist Manifesto   H3-8
Monthly Review December, 2002 H3-9
The Iron King   H3-10
The Royal Succession   H3-11
Radical History Review Fall 1994 H3-12
Radical History Review Spring 2003 H3-13
Black Coffee   H3-14
Collection of articles, magazines   H3-15
Half-Breed The Story of Grey Owl   H4-1
Lost Glory   H4-2
Socialist Review   H4-3
Democratic Left   H4-4
The New Yorker 23-Oct-05 H4-5
Social Text Fall 1988 H4-6
The Beauty Bible   H4-7
Monthly Review   H4-8
New Left Review   H4-9
Rethinking Marxism   H4-10
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