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Author Title Date Shelf
Ruskin, John Sesame and Lilies 1871 A8-34
Darton, N.H. Story of the Grand Canyon of Arizona 1917 J1-21
Souvenier of Cairo, Album 32 Views 1919? A1-35
Hofbokhandel, Fritzes Stockholm Med Omgivningar 1927 B8-57
Frederick, Christine, Mrs. Selling Mrs. Consumer 1929 A8-20
Mann, Thomas Stories of Three Decades 1936 A8-29
Kipling, Rudyard Something of Myself 1937 C1-23
Sears-Roebuck's 53rd Anniversary 1939 A9-26
McWilliams, Carey Southern California Country 1946 J1-18
Blaine, John Sea Gold 1947 A9-2
Stalder, Walter Switzerland: The Traveller's Illustrated Guide 1949 A1-28
Studies in Leadership: Leadership and Democratic Action 1950 A3-9
Merritt, A. Seven footprint to Satan and Burn witch burn! 1952 A1-3
Mumford, Lewis Sticks and Stones 1955 A8-24
Whitehead, Alfred North Symbolism 1959 A7-22
Humphreys, A.R. Steele, Addison and their Periodical Essays 1959 A7-1
Department of Classics and World Literature Supplementary Reader Classical Civilization I 1960 A4-49
Whitehead, Alfred North Science and the Modern World 1960 A7-23
Nassi, Robert J Spanish, First Year 1960 A1-4
Stoll, Robert R. Sets, Logic and Axiomatic Theories 1961 A7-19
Madrigal, Margarita See It and Say It in Spanish 1961 A1-1
Madrigal, Margarita and Halpert, Inge D. See It and Say It in German 1962 A1-2
Grilli, Elise Sharaku 1962 A1-34
Durkheim, Emile Socialism 1962 A1-28
levi-Strauss, Claude Structural Anthropology 1963 A1-20
Social and Political Philosophy: Readings from Plato to Gandhi 1963 A1-39
Mead, Margaret Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies 1963 N2-70
Carr, E.H. Studies in Revolution 1964 M2-69
Pierce, J.R. Symbols, Signals and Noise 1965 A7-21
Waldberg, Patrick Surrealism 1966 B4-24
Special Double Issue: Photography 1966 B2-3
Bruner, Jerome S. Olver, Rose R. and Greenf Studies in Cognitive Growth 1967 A1-3
Speidel, William C. Sons of the Profits 1967 A1-16
Panofsky, Erwin Studies in Iconology 1967 B4-5
Finkelstein, Sidney Sense and Nonsense of McLuhan 1968 A8-29
Finler, Joel W. Stroheim 1968 A9-42
Halsell, Grace Soul Sister 1969 A3-31
Engels, Frederick, in collaboration with Ka Socialism: Utopian and Scientific 1969 A1-20
Cage, John Silence 1969 B4-35
Millett, Kate Sexual Politics 1970 A3-9
Sears Roebuck and Co. Fall 1990 1970 A9-26
Sears Roebuck and Co. Fall 1990 1970 A9-28
Staff of Berlitz Guides Spanish Phrase Book and Dictionary 1970 A1-41
Cardinal, Roger & Robert Stuart Short Surrealism: Permanent Revelation 1970 B4-23
Surrealists on Art 1970 B4-25
Self Portrait: Lee Friedlander 1970 B6-73
Egbert, Donald Drew Social Radicalism and the Arts 1970 I1-32
Baxter, John Science Fiction in the Cinema 1970 N1-166
Leonov, Alexei and Vladimir Lebedev Space and Time Perception by the Cosmonaut 1971 A8-41
Ford, John and Dudley Nichols Stagecoach 1971 N1-185
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