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18. Apr. 2016
Cuchifritos /
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Opening Reception: Friday, May 6 from 5-7p
On View: May 6 through June 5, 2016
Galley Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, 12-6p
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Cuchifritos Gallery is pleased to present Denise Treizman’s first solo exhibition in New York, DelanceyLudlowRivingtonNorfolk. This recent body of work takes its starting point with the gallery’s neighborhood in mind, considering site-specificity in both the use of found materials, as well as the sentiment and spirit of the Lower East Side. Continuing and expanding upon her process-oriented and material-centric practice, Denise’s work conjures a sense of hopefulness and resourcefulness reminiscent of the area’s history.

Perhaps best known for her use of found objects, Denise’s oeuvre has an inherent sense of surprise that is shared by artist and viewer. Her intuitive process is led by a response to materials and a formal interest in the finished work. The rubbery sheen of a ball or grainy texture of sand can inspire a particular direction in her making. While the works might seem haphazard at first glance, Denise’s use of color, texture, and spatial relationships between objects are carefully decided through a process which is playful yet restrained. She takes the traditions of readymades and assemblage, and pairs it with her own unique perspective in which formal concerns meet an ephemeral or durational approach.

04. Apr. 2016
factor-m /
London - UK

With a nod to the recent all-female exhibition in a male-run corporate space, Not a Champagne Life brings together the works of three emerging artists in a female-run independent gallery, and addresses the subjects of social order, gender equality and freedom of speech.

Not a Champagne Life features three-dimensional works by Emma Elliott, Penelope Harrall and Ian Wolter, and makes reference to the luxury lifestyles enjoyed by a privileged minority compared to the increasing burden of austerity on the majority of people.

The selected works combine strong figurative and symbolic elements with performance, sound and movement while commenting on the hidden metaphor of each respective medium: Ian Wolter’s busts implying status and authority; the assumption of aesthetic beauty in bronze as illustrated by Emma Elliott; while the items of feminine care at the core of Penelope Harrall’s work are generally expected to be hidden from view.

The launch event and private view on 21 April will include a live performance by Penelope Harrall, and the exhibition will be closing with a panel discussion on the artists’ respective approach to themes of social and political relevance on May Day, a date of pre-Christian significance more recently observed as Labour Day across the world.

24. Mar. 2016
Cuchifritos /
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1 from 6-8p
On View: April 1 through May 1, 2016
Galley Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, 12-6p

Born in Puerto Rico and residing for decades in Chicago, artist Edra Soto has found many ways over the years to transplant forms of Boricua domesticity to a mainland context. With her GRAFT project, which has been realized in many Chicago locations, she focuses on elaborate screen-like porch enclosures known as rejas, ubiquitous throughout the island. For the installation at Cuchifritos, there will also be a takeaway newspaper in which various writers reflect on the complex colonial influences that brought rejas into being. The newspaper and the reja installed in the gallery window can be contemplated from seats modeled on San Juan’s bus shelters, another feature of the island’s unique architectural vernacular.

The Caribbean marks the starting point of modern Western incursions into this hemisphere, and is the place where indigenous and African populations toiled under and resisted white force, without significant white support. Yet Puerto Ricans, as incomplete American citizens, can seem to occupy a background place in conversations around immigration, history, and race. At a time when Puerto Rico’s crippling debt has forced difficult conversations about its ambiguous relationship with the U.S., in an election year that sees anti-Latino rhetoric running high, the way in which colonial history can disappear into the woodwork is made literal in Soto’s ornate yet understated installation.

16. Mar. 2016
factor-m /

Submissions are open now (11 March to 17 June 2016) on a first come first served basis. There is no selection process but we will have to stop accepting artwork once the gallery space has reached capacity.

Happenstance Gallery is again organising an exhibition of paintings, graphic and mixed media works, photographs, sculpture and prints rejected by the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. It is following in the tradition of the 19th century Parisian Salon des Refusés, when Napoleon let rejected works be exhibited alongside those accepted ones after artists protested the Salon jury’s rejection of 3000 works.

Unlike our Parisian predecessors, we are not protesting but assisting. We respect the Royal Academicians’ judgement and understand that exhibiting at the RA Summer Exhibition is a great honor and privilege, and that the RA walls are limited and a lot of good artwork has to be rejected.

We want those works to still be on show and to let the public judge which ones they like most of all, independent from experts’ decision. For this reason, every visitor to the exhibition will be asked to vote for three favorite pieces.

Salon des Refuses 2016 will be held at SPACE – a beautiful gallery in Mare Street, Hackney, East London. The exhibition will be open to public from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June 2016.

Email us on with the artwork image (for admin), name and size. There is no selection process. All artworks are accepted provided they were submitted for the RA Summer Exhibition.

07. Mar. 2016
sheffdocfest /
Sheffield UK

Sheffield Doc/Fest and Site Gallery are thrilled to announce a new commission opportunity to create a virtual reality documentary for the 2016 Festival.

With support from Arts Council England, we are offering £5,000 for an artist to truly innovate in the field of documentary-based interactive storytelling.

The selected project will premiere as part of Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities programme, at Site Gallery, 10 – 15 June.

Find out more and submit by Monday 14 March:

02. Mar. 2016
ivi.ivanova /

I am a Bulgarian London-based animation student planning on spending my Spring vacation (April-May) in Berlin and I want to be a part of a creative process. So in a few words I am offering assistance of any kind required for any sort of film/art project that might make use of my skills, which include film editing, animation, digital and traditional art. I am also up for helping with the organisation of any projects/events/festivals and I've got plenty of hospitality services experience.
If that sounds alright to you, drop me a message.

Jonas Weber Herrera /
4 380h
Berlin & New York

We are a couple with baby coming to NYC for 6 months and want to swap our spacious flat
in Berlin.

We are offering a 893 square feet/ 83 square meter apartment. It’s located in the very hip
neighborhood of Neukölln, within a 5 minute walking distance from Tempelhofer
Feld, a former airport and now Berlin’s biggest public park. The next metrostop (U8 line,
U-Bhf. Boddinstr.) is literally in front of the door taking you directly to Kreuzberg and
Mitte. The neighborhood itself is very multicultural with numerous new and great
restaurants, bars, clubs, parks and playgrounds.

The apartment has 2 bedrooms (one is equipped with a desk and can be used as
a home office), a big living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with tub. It is
located in a pre-WWII residential building with high ceilings, big windows and wooden
floors and was reconstructed completely with a new bathroom and new floors in 2013.

We are a museum´s curator and an artist coming to NYC for a residency. Our baby will be
born in March and be 3 month old by the time of our arrival.

Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to provide you with images of our place and
further information.

11. Dec. 2015
Barakat_Gallery /
58 Brook Street W1K5DT London

More than fifty magnificent pieces of jewellery will reveal their long history and striking beauty in a unique combination of pieces from the ancient times to the present day, coupling tradition to modern style.
Bringing together revival sculptures of astonishing elegance with ancient gems set as modern jewellery, we bridge the gap of time by accompanying imagination to inspiration, talent to skill, craftsmanship to art, by celebrating expression and design.

18. Nov. 2015
factor-m /
Emma Elliott - Passion For Freedom

Emma Elliott was awarded 1st Prize at the 2015 Passion For Freedom Art Festival for her bronze sculpture Spin-Head while The Sacred and Profane was voted the People's Choice.

The 7th Freedom Gala Awards Ceremony at the Mall Galleries on 25th September was oversubscribed, and this follow up show provides a unique opportunity to examine Emma's winning entries and other recent works in a more intimate setting.

Private View from 6pm on Friday 4th December 2015

The Hawkhurst Vault, 240 Brick Lane, London E2 7EB

Exhibition continues throughout December:
Mon-Thu, 8am - 8pm
Fri, 8am - 9pm
Sat, 10am - 9pm
Sun, 9am - 8pm

17. Nov. 2015
Alice Bednarova /
Apiary Studios 458 hackney road London E2 9EG

Of Improvisation is an exciting threeday pop-up event which is located in the heart of East London. This event is based upon the premise that we are all improvisers.

Throughout this event ‘Improvisation’ is regarded as the essence of creativity, where the process of instantaneous creation will become as ordinary to us as breathing itself. It is a process as old as mankind itself, yet not exclusively related to the arts.

People are the very substance to this project. It aims to celebrate human uniqueness, it will encourage us to make better use of our innate ability to play, our ingenuity and our creativity.

Instead of remaining unconscious recipients of what is being presented to us, we are being invited to come along and become co-creators in this event. By participating in the completion of art works and engaging in open debates, we will have the opportunity to leave behind our passive role and will be encouraged to share own opinions and creative ideas.

Of Improvisation aims to bring art to life, to break down the barriers between the artist and the audience, art and the everyday. The participants will have the chance to enjoy interactive installations as well as multiple programme of workshops, performances, comedy, poetry, storytelling, discussions and more..

19. Jan. 2015
the popmodule /

We at Residency For Artists On Hiatus thank you for your interest in 2014 and hope you will continue following us throughout this year! Our current residents are busy working at not working and posting their non-art endeavours at

[b]We are now booking our presentations/workshops for the year 2015[/b]. Please contact us if your organization, school and class, or community would be interested in having the office of RFAOH come for one or more of the following:

• Briefing session to introduce the Residency for Artists on Hiatus and its activities followed by a discussion on any related topics
• Presentation of the on-hiatus projects by the former or current resident artists-on-hiatus, preferably with the artists also in attendance, pending on the budget and their availability.
• Proposal review of artists in the local areas who may be interested in applying for future programmes at RFAOH
• Lectures by guest speakers on what they do when they are not making art – we would like to invite artists with international profiles pending on the budget and their availability.
• Sale of RFAOH limited edition multiples

Please kindly share this message with potentially interested parties, or recommend them to us. We thank you for your continuing support!

Shinobu Akimoto / Matthew Evans
Co-directors of Residency For Artists On Hiatus

pedjalj /

I need really quickly film analysis of Russian silent era movie classic "Battleship Potemkin". Analysis should be written in English and have at least 10.000 characters. It should address historical significance and influence on movie editing.

18. Dec. 2014
bosicontemporary /

Etiquette Kit
Anna Campbell

January 14 – February 14, 2015

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 14, 6 - 9 pm

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present, Etiqette Kit, a solo show featuring the works of Anna Campbell. The desires of a culture are laid bare by the tools and props that construct and then accumulate around scenes of the “ideal,” from heroic masculinity to privileged forms of desire. Through sculpture, installation and video, Anna Campbell’s work conflates and abstracts queer and ostensibly normative bodies, cutting from narratives otherwise understood as impermeable, and presenting viewers with assemblages of resultant slices. This critique via form, space, and image challenges the social dynamics that reinforce our constructions of the ideal, the universal versus the deviant, and the particular or minor, and owes much to the radical potential of failure, a deconstructing force that has been instrumental in shaping her work.

Campbell’s engagement with form shifts fluidly based on the intended intervention. For the Etiquette Kit series, 2 x 4s, mirror balls, latex ruffles, custom cast concrete cinderblocks, balsa wood trusswork, and fishnet fabric combine in a continuing push to create hybrid forms whose aggressively vulnerable queer signifiers are interdependent with their seemingly normative and immutable authoritarian forms. Citing the staging of ideal recognized “types” through construction motifs, the vernacular of furniture, and accessories with baggage, this series points to larger themes and social constructions to insinuate divergent possibilities. To this end, gender inversion and queer politics infuse this work and act as a lens to re-examine common forms and spaces. This constellation of tactics re-forms expectations of desire and challenges the social and political impact of pursuing those desires.

A Pocket, A Cue, A Shot is built using the framing method for domestic architecture. Pine 2 x 4’s set at 16” distance are employed in constructing the frame for a pool table whose “felt” is a bare mattress punctuated by pockets lined with sheer stockings. The rawness of the piece, including the exposed industrial materials of the mattress’s interior, disallows for the possibility of settling on a tidy or finished read. Its title, A Pocket, A Cue, A Shot, encourages a reading that is both about the posturing potential of the game of pool and the bravada of calling a shot, as it is about the extended combo shot wordplay of innuendo where cues and shots are all about reaching into otherwise elusive pockets. This is a table without sticks or balls – the tension it creates is not related to any immediate playability, but rather for an anticipated potential. As an object, the bed/table/ model of domesticity conflates the social and sexual imperatives that infuse the atmosphere of the gay bar. It offers a tension that emphasizes the intimate connections forged in both the context of the bar and the bedroom. The public pleasure of playing a game, and the private pleasures indicated by the mattress offer a narrative that is both subtle and charged.

Sites, in addition to citation, are core to her practice. Travelling to specific sites such as the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, to study the collections of their archives have been key to her practice. Engaging the specific historical and social contexts of the sites where she exhibits work offers a further means to connect with the legacy of a place. The exhibition will also feature never before exhibited laser cut outs of a collection of images abstracted from the photo collection of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Compiled during a month in residence at the Archive, Campbell has modified the images, isolating only hands, bare arms, and any objects they may hold. Campbell’s selective editing prompts the viewer to fill in the gaps not only of the physical image itself but also in the narratives of everyday lesbian life they depict. The exhibition, Etiquette Kit, suggestively offers the tools and props to enact counter-narratives for what may be considered proper, and to champion alternate approaches to behavior preparedness.

Anna Campbell (b. 1979, Port Jefferson, New York) is an American artist. She uses sculpture and site-specific installation interwoven with video projection, her work deconstructs otherwise clearly legible signifiers of masculinity and heteronormativity in the service of illustrating alternate histories of attachment and desire. Campbell maintains an active exhibition record including recent solo exhibits at Tractionarts in LA, and the Window Into Houston at the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston, Texas, as well as group exhibits at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in South Korea, Queens College Art Center in New York, and the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. She earned a BA in Studio Art from the College of Wooster and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During a recent sabbatical, Campbell set up studio in Brooklyn and Paris. She teaches sculpture, installation and curation as Associate Professor in the Art & Design Department at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. She also served as Visiting Associate Professor/ Artist in Residence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the 2013-2014 academic year, teaching courses on feminist and queer art practices, publics and projection, and curation. She currently lives and works between Madison, Wisconsin and New York City.

10. Dec. 2014
bosicontemporary /

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to welcome you to the panel discussion organized on the occasion of the exhibition "No Greater Fiction" curated by Ágnes Berecz, featuring works by Manal Abu-Shaheen, Peter Baker, Felix R. Cid, Sarah Muehlbauer, Yorgos Prinos, Hrvoje Slovenc, and Monika Sziládi, currently on view at the gallery.
How can we think of the practice and politics of photography today, after the digital turn and the rise of new formalism? Held in conjunction with the current exhibition, No Greater Fiction, the roundtable discussion will offer an in-depth look at the works on view and explore the shifting role of the medium as a documentary and narrative device. Participants include Mitra Abbaspour, Associate Curator of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art and Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-chief and Co-founder of Hyperallergic, as well as the moderator Ágnes Berecz, the curator of the exhibition. The artists will also be in attendance.

Mitra Abbaspour
Art Historian and Associate Curator of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Hrag Vartanian
Editor-in-chief and Co-founder of the arts blog Hyperallergic
Ágnes Berecz
Art Historian, Curator and Professor












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