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jenhelfrich /


I work as an academic (and creative) English proofreader and editor. I would be happy to offer my services in editing or proofreading your work. I can help make a rough Google Translate of non-English read smoothly to a native English speaker. I can help English writers improve their grammar and sentence structure - or give feedback on the overall flow and content of a piece.

I also have access to University level Academic subscriptions and can help you access or find scholarly articles on your chosen subject

We can work out how much time it will take once we know what you need. I look forward to working with you!


Tania /
Netherlands & Berlin

I am driving from Leiden (Netherlands) to Berlin Kreuzberg in this week, in my Volkswagen LT (Van). I have place for one person and a lot of stuff. My Van will be (partly) empty. If you need to go to Berlin or any place on the way, and are interested, please contact me. My van is 3.20 long, 1.66 high and ca 1.70 broad.
Please arrange for people to help load and unload. I am willing to stop for loading for 1 hour and unloading for 1 hour.

BerlinYogini /
online via skype

I can help 3-4 people in my business strategy group.

We come together once a week to support each others’ business goals and to hold each other accountable to them.

As a group we get from each other

mutual support from a diverse range of skill sets
differing points of views to get feedback and advice
resources and a wider network
accountability so you move forward on your projects
being able to provide our own advice and thoughts to each other

This is for you, if you…

are a fun, creative entrepreneur with business(es!) that are 1-2 years old, old enough to know that you’ll be running your own show for the long-term and young enough to still feel new at it
see business as personal development, that it takes both inner and outer work for you and your business to grow and thrive
can give to others as well as receive from others openly and actively
take 100% responsibility for your life and business
can commit to the group for all four sessions

This is NOT for you, if you

don’t have time to commit to the our sessions AND to do what you say you’ll be doing for the week
give up easily
can’t take candid, no B.S. feedback

Get in touch if you want to join!

29. Feb. 2012
Yu-Chia /


I am a visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

I am looking for some new projects in illustration(ex: children book, postcard, commercial poster etc.), game design (ex: smart mobile phone etc.), graphic design, animation fields.
If you need help, please let me know.

Please check my online portfolio:

We can discuss about the time later, depends on projects. :)

Adrienne /
The Hague

I have my driving license but experience often fear on the road, especially on the high road and when it's dark. Are you an excellent (and save!) driver and got the mentor-skills to overcome my anxiety? Please contact me then and see if you can help me. I have a car at my disposal.

Adrienne /
The Hague

The wooden floor in my kitchen is damaged and the separate floor parts have been moved from the original pattern. Can you fix and reconstruct it? I think the parts have to be taken out, then they need to be scrubt/scraped and replaced.

Jbird /
Leuven (or anywhere)

I would like to help people who are just looking for someone to have a conversation with. It can be about philosophy, art, sports, technology or perhaps something personal for which you can not find anyone to talk to... I'm open to listen to your story or to tell you mine!

21. Feb. 2012
Riedstra /
The Hague

Are you looking for someone to photograph your work?

I could help you out > with my canon camera and a lot of experience.

View my images of my paintings at

It will take about 2 hours, if the light is good.

Contact me at

21. Feb. 2012
Riedstra /
The Hague

I am looking for interaction and participation with videomaker 'Challenging Nature' project 2nd series.

About the project: Societies around the world change nature by force, but nature challenges itself. It adepts itself to it ‘ s own new form.
The absurd example that started the whole idea for this project was during the Olympic Games in Peking in 2008: Chinese men shoot rain clouds in order to have no rain during the games!!

As a painter i work a.o. from a scenographic point of view ( St' Martins MA Scenography London 1997-1999). I think it is an exciting idea to work with a videomaker, who participates by approaching this subject in a spatial way. Thus giving a surplus value to the paintings and vice versa

Interaction from the start is important to me, for a better understanding of my work:

If possible, a short video should be ready for exhibition towards september/ october 2012.

You can contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you

21. Feb. 2012
pablo c /

I'd love to hear from you and document your existence with a portrait.
I love meeting strangers and hearing from their lives.
You could tell me anything relevant in your life, or your opinions on a given subject, or a secret, or a strange dream or your problems or nothing or...whatever content belongs and matters to you. I'm just a receiver.
I'd take your portrait as well. You choose the location.

20. Feb. 2012
stephanmarchant /

As a dance and movement therapist I offer 2h coaching for your creative development. We can use dance and movement to further your self consciousness, your self esteem and your courage. We can even set up a performance, it's all up to you. Take a risk and contact me. I look forward to it.

krislaevaert /
Kassel - Berlin - Ghent

In august I will stay in Kassel (Documenta) and in Berlin.
Who will offer me a place (in the garden?) where I can pith my very small tent?
When I will be in which place, depends on the time / bank offerings :-)

(During the months July and August I'll be in the possibility to offer you - or someone else - my studio of 30m2 in the center of Ghent.)

jillturnerart /

I am a lifelong artist activist working with the Occupy Wall Street Timebank. I see the timebank as a possible arts forum/performance space!

I need a place to stay in NYC and would happily offer time at my place in Northampton Mass.

Any one have any suggestions?

413 658 8509

amy-clare /
New York

My old household used to play a lot of board and card games, my new housemates are less inclined. I would really appreciate someone who had a spare few hours to play some fun (maybe slightly competetive) games with. I'd be particularly interested in playing cribbage or Jungle Speed (I have a Jungle Speed deck and totem), but am open to other game suggestions.












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