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03. Sep. 2013
ruudbecker /
Den Haag e.o.

Kunstenaar zoekt een model, vrouw 20-35 liefst lang haar, blond? niet per se, liever geen tatoos of piersings, niet naakt, gekleed, licht erotisch, pumps, zomerjurk, benen en waar nodig is een wit broekje. Kijk op mijn site om een idee te krijgen waar het om gaat. En reageer. Je krijgt als dank naast de credits ook een ingelijst exemplaar van de prent, waarvoor je hebt geposeerd.

hedmorq /
3 600h

El club tiene su propio ventilador leales que han probado diferentes y diferentes gustos. Algunos encuentran el juego de un equipo a ser más precisado, mientras que algunos aman el jugador del equipo es que se puede llamar como Fan. Ventiladores para una parte muy importante en el desarrollo de un club. Un club gana dinero vendiendo anuncia TV de sus entradas y no se puede olvidar que lo más importante que es la mercancía del equipo.

Hay muchos deportes que se practican en el mundo y muchos países hay en el mundo. Hay muchas personas que les gusta apoyar a un solo club y que les gustaría tener todas estas cosas de que su ídolo tiene,equipaciones de futbol, por lo que estos aficionados fanáticos se esfuerzan por comprar todas las mercancías de su club favorito. La gente ama a su club hasta el punto que lo hacen todos los que se adelgaza emabrgo ídolo hace y trata de imitar a su ídolo en todas las circunstancias

danielboese /
Hamburg / the web

I will set up your own webserver in the Amazon cloud for you. As Dave Winer, the inventor of RSS, writes: "Most people think they can't run a server, but servers aren't any more complicated than a laptop. The main difference is that a server is always on and always connected to the Internet. "

I will also configure your own personal River of News of your favorite rss-feeds there. Just like this River of worldnews:

More info is here:

13. Aug. 2013
Berlin /
den haag


I am looking for a tattoo apprenticeship or any advice on how to get one. What are tattooers looking for in a portfolio, I know solid line work and shading, but what else? what more? I like to add/hide a little humour in my designs and some may say it would be my trademark however I am not even there yet!

Any name dropping is also welcome! :) :) :)

I can offer photography in return, or dog cuddles (my dog agrees to this) and of course I can offer all the time in the world as an apprentice!

Let me know


13. Aug. 2013
Berlin /
den haag


I offer tattoo designs, and later tattoos and also pictures!

I a photographer looking for a tattoo apprenticeship and I would love to hear your tattoo ideas and put them into drawings :)

send me a message! :)


Regine Basha /
Brooklyn / New York City

To update and add images onto
They have to be re-sized, which i am terrible at doing!
Also, i need to learn to de-clutter and organize the Mac better (like with those softwares that find doubles etc).
Are you super adept at these things??
If you are it may take you an hour or 2!
Hoping to do this before September.

Denise /

Having trouble writing about your work? I'm happy to help edit and polish already-drafted grant or project proposals, artist statements, articles, essays, letters, or text on your website. If it would be useful to you I can also help you articulate ideas in writing as part of your drafting process. We can work via email or Skype.

rachel de joode /
2 200h

We would like to swap our lovely spacious and central Berlin apartment for your New York apartment.

We would like to swap for the months of August-September-October and possible prolongate (for another three months).

About our apartment:

It's located in Eberswalderstrasse, very central, directly at Mauerpark with the connection to the U2 and U8 and many busses trams, you can be in Mitte in 5min, in Kreuzberg/Neuköln in 30min.

The apartment is spacious: app 98sqm (= 1055 sqft!) has three large rooms, plus kitchen, plus bathroom (with bathtub!), plus there's a spacious south side balcony.
The place is furnished. We have a washing machine and all the necessary kitchen-things.
We are a couple (he journalist/professor, me artist/photographer) and we consider it definitely large enough to both live and practice our work in the apartment.

It's a charming old flat with high (paneled) ceilings and wooden floors!

We want to keep it simple and have us pay our rent and you pay yours.

Check images here:

bergman /

We need advice on basic chemistry. We want to use a powder dispersant dye to color paper and need advice on the medium and how to be safe doing it.

MaroG. /
den haag

I can give courses of Greek Language on all levels and Ancient Greek for beginners. I can propose, discuss and execute educational projects, help to understand learning contexes and give some basic directions of reasearching educational realities, for groups or individuals. I can help on art installations, exhibitions and galleries, organise art workshops for kids and incorporate art history in my practice.

Annouk /
Amsterdam - Den Haag (Haarlem)

If your need new ideas for creating more space in your own home or business location. I can help you with practice and effective ideas.

BrianCarpenter /

Learn or speak Esperanto with me. on google hangouts with a topic on the steloj and specimilo

Mi petas vi por vi al lerni espernato se vi ne estas sciias gxin.

Mi petas vi instrui min

mi petas vi parolas kun mi

19. Jun. 2013
Marp /
The Hague

Any graphic designer / illustrator out there that would like to design a fresh, clean and creative event invitation? You're welcome to suggest your own ideas about the format, letter type, illustrations and general design of the invitation. The hours for the task are negotiable. Please get in touch if you're interested and/or would like to get more information. Reference of your work would be highly appreciated.












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