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neda kooki /

I need some advices to complete my proposal that is about imposed factories in marginal area of Tehran and how it changed urban texture ,,,how capitalism development distorted marginalization powers? i need to organize my writings,,,,any one???

Jikke /
The Hague


In January I will be graduating at the KABK in Photography with my graduation film.
I am making a film about my dad and also recording a lot of sound, but it is hard! I have a ZOOM recording device but I need help leveling the sound and editing it etc.

I can make a film/pictures for you in return or bake you a cake.

Thanks a bunch!

31. May. 2013
Tiia Vitikainen /

I'm offering my web design and development skills to further grow my portfolio and to help you with your business - be it hairdresser, artist, photographer, blogger, knitter, teacher or anything else!

The things I can do for you (please note that the amount of hours required varies and will be agreed upon after a consultation of maximum one hour):

- teach you how to set up a website (either through a free service or a paid-for hosting and domain) and then give you some resources for making the website yourself
- look at your current website, make suggestions how to improve it
- make agreed-upon visual changes on your current website and, for example, add functions such as social sharing to get more exposure within your target audience.

My help is available in Finnish, English or Dutch, preferably through Skype and e-mail but I'm also willing to meet in person in the vicinity of 's-Hertogenbosch. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions, or check our my website:

I also offer graphic design skills and can help you with creating yourself a brand identity (think letterheads, business cards, stickers, packaging of the goods you're selling) and photography.

Hopefully I'll hear from you soon!

PolakVanBekkum /

We are looking for a native English speaker with editorial experience to go over part of our website and make the needed corrections in spelling and grammar.

Anna Moreno /
den haag

Two friends of mine, Andrea and Edoard need a place to stay for the weekend of the 14th and 15th of June. He is an artist participating in the time/bank exhibition at Quartair and Andrea is a curator. Is there somebody willing to host them?

Video Manus /

I have a strange problem with my central heating, the radiators get warm when theyre supposed to be off.

If anybody has a little knowledge about cv installations and could help me to figure out which part of the system isnt working (valve or thermostat or motor or??) I might be able to find/replace the faulty part.

Thanks in advance!

Roos /
den haag centrum

Heb nu een half jaar in Cairo gezeten en ben op zoek naar iemand die me kan helpen om mijn Egyptisch te verbeteren, of op z'n minst op peil te houden. Vind het ook niet erg om een Shami dialect te leren (ben ook in Libanon geweest), zolang het maar Arabisch is.

Als tegenprestatie kan ik je helpen je Nederlands of Engels te verbeteren, taart voor je te bakken of te koken.

Having lived in Cairo for a semester now, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to help me improve my Egyptian. (Any Shami dialect wouldn't be a problem either, I went to Lebanon, just as long as it is Arabic).

In return I could help you improve your Dutch or English, make you cakes or cook for you :).

Animator Amsterdam /

I hesitate to sign up for classes because I have to travel often...but have been studying on my Nederlands and looking for an alternative, even if it is just a one time meeting/ dinner, or if it is something more intensive. Dank u zo heel veel ! Martha

23. May. 2013
amirhouieh /
den haag


I am a graphic design student at KABK (The Hague).
I am going to make an installation as a school project. And I need your help to do it.

About the installation:
This is about a project which is titled by “Text & Space” in which the space is going to be built by the Text. In brief, by processing and analyzing a text, I export a geometric coordinates for each “word”. Then, each “word” in the text is visualized as a “dot (/point)” in the space ( walls, windows, ground, etc. ). These dots are connected together based on an order by thread.

So, what we are going to do :
We are going to visualized a text in a location ( Aoudiotorium in KABK):
- grid the location (walls,ground and roof.)
- Put some paper stickers in specific point of the grid.
- Connect these dots (stickers) by thread together.

Don`t worry, I have done text and location analyzing, and also grid the location. You only need to follow the plans and numbers.

We need to start in morning early, 08:00. And hopefully finish at 05:00. ( Saturday 1st of June )
I will take care about the lunch + Drinks ( very important).

I am looking forward to hear from you guys who are interested in creating art, fun and of-course serious jobs.
I would like to offer everyone some hours as much as he/she will spend, but unfortunately, at the moment I can not afford more than 4 hours for each person.

But I have earned sth else than hours in time/bank which are more assume.

Berlin - Mitte / Lindow-Mark

Location: Berlin- Mitte und Lindow/Mark in Brandenburg
Skills: Learning to lead by Horse assisted coaching, feel and find a concrete chance to see things and yourself different by beeing connected with a horse.
feel your strength , rock the country and renounce the city life.

Video Manus /

Beginners Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam with Mareille Labohm: Did you always long to discover your alter ego, or do you simply enjoy being the center of attention? In this two hour workshop, we will go into the basics of theatre, like body awareness and vocal training, and work towards a short scene. No prior experience with acting is required. The group size is limited to 20 persons, so please register.

This will be the first workshop organised by Timebank Amsterdam in the beautiful and historical Waag building in Nieuwmarkt.
Open to new and old timebankers, for those without any hours please feel free to join with a contribution of Beer/Wine/Softdrinks for a borrel afterwards! (let us know if this is the case.)

(If you'd like to join only for the live session and borrel you're very welcome too!)


14.00-16.00 - Workshop
16.00-17.00 - Introduction to Timebank & Live Session
17.00-18ish - Borrel

Please confirm if youd like to join on the Facebook event (or send me a message):

19. May. 2013
Anna Moreno /
den haag

Hi! Do you have / or know where to find a typical Dutch bike that is completely rusty? I need it for my next art project. It doesn't need to work at all, it has to be completely covered by rust, useless, but complete -no wheels missing...
Can you help me? Hours are negotiable!

17. May. 2013
Time Restaurant... /
den haag

The next Time/Restaurant will be open on June 22nd at Quartair in The Hague.

Preparation will start June 20 and 21.

We need:
4 people to help in the kitchen
2 people for serving the food
1 person to help selling tickets for Hour Notes

The menu of the Time/Restaurant will be prepared by Claudio, Claudia, Kitty (and maybe you!), and will be all about sharing traditional village food at the communal table.

Dinner and lunches will be accompanied by the exhibition It's About Time, music and performances.

The Time/Restaurant is hoping to welcome you to our team!












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