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Jonas Weber Herrera /
4 380h
Berlin & New York

We are a couple with baby coming to NYC for 6 months and want to swap our spacious flat
in Berlin.

We are offering a 893 square feet/ 83 square meter apartment. It’s located in the very hip
neighborhood of Neukölln, within a 5 minute walking distance from Tempelhofer
Feld, a former airport and now Berlin’s biggest public park. The next metrostop (U8 line,
U-Bhf. Boddinstr.) is literally in front of the door taking you directly to Kreuzberg and
Mitte. The neighborhood itself is very multicultural with numerous new and great
restaurants, bars, clubs, parks and playgrounds.

The apartment has 2 bedrooms (one is equipped with a desk and can be used as
a home office), a big living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with tub. It is
located in a pre-WWII residential building with high ceilings, big windows and wooden
floors and was reconstructed completely with a new bathroom and new floors in 2013.

We are a museum´s curator and an artist coming to NYC for a residency. Our baby will be
born in March and be 3 month old by the time of our arrival.

Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to provide you with images of our place and
further information.

rachel de joode /
2 200h

We would like to swap our lovely spacious and central Berlin apartment for your New York apartment.

We would like to swap for the months of August-September-October and possible prolongate (for another three months).

About our apartment:

It's located in Eberswalderstrasse, very central, directly at Mauerpark with the connection to the U2 and U8 and many busses trams, you can be in Mitte in 5min, in Kreuzberg/Neuköln in 30min.

The apartment is spacious: app 98sqm (= 1055 sqft!) has three large rooms, plus kitchen, plus bathroom (with bathtub!), plus there's a spacious south side balcony.
The place is furnished. We have a washing machine and all the necessary kitchen-things.
We are a couple (he journalist/professor, me artist/photographer) and we consider it definitely large enough to both live and practice our work in the apartment.

It's a charming old flat with high (paneled) ceilings and wooden floors!

We want to keep it simple and have us pay our rent and you pay yours.

Check images here:

Anna Moreno /
den haag

Two friends of mine, Andrea and Edoard need a place to stay for the weekend of the 14th and 15th of June. He is an artist participating in the time/bank exhibition at Quartair and Andrea is a curator. Is there somebody willing to host them?

redwood.martinez /

I'm looking for modest accommodations in Berlin from mid-June to mid- August.

My needs are very simple: just a quiet, small place in the shade. One room in a shared space would be more than enough. I'd be happy to contribute through work/trade in filmmaking, video and sound editing, editorial and copyediting work, but also gardening, farming, and more manual labor work.

I've recently just finished a feature-length documentary about an ecological restoration project run by a utopian community in Haiti: While in Berlin this summer, I will be preparing for an exhibition: and editing a documentary I've been working on over the past year looking more critically and rigorously at the subject of urban agriculture in various cities around the world: But I don't just want to hole up behind a computer for three months and be antisocial while doing this work! As such, my primary motivation behind looking for housing (shelter?) though Timebank is to engage is a more direct exchange with someone who may have abundant shelter through the summer months and who would be open to contributing this resource as a means of supporting this work of thinking critically about alternative economies, utopian societies, urban agriculture, neo-provincialism, and so on.

So, I'm looking for a situation where I may be provided with modest summer accommodations and the possibility to continue my work while being involved with a housing exchange that could encompass implementing a summer garden, editing a video, copyediting a novel, and/or finding another way to meet the needs of another person or community with a spare room or living space available.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Sonja /
2 460h
New York


My husband and I are looking to swap apartments with someone in Berlin, as I will be visiting the city to do research for my PhD from mid-April until the end of May.

We are looking to swap our spacious apartment in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn for a clean, centrally located 2-bedroom apartment in Berlin.

If you're interested in exchanging more information, please get in touch.

Thank you!

Pegasus /
Amsterdam. NL

I can offer you a small but cosy couch in A'dam (the couch is a normal size mattress, I meant that my house is not big hehe :) , not too far from the centre of the city. I'm sharing the house so I can't offer any private space, but I can show you the city, give you a map, lend you a crappy bike and cook a meal with you :) Be welcome!

Moritz Geremus /

Hey there,
I'd love to go over to impakt festival and stay in Utrecht for at least one night, so I can visit the festival for two days. I'd offer 6 hours per night, accomodation can be something really simple, I don't put high expectations on it. A living-room couch or a simple inflatable matras would be already enough!
The dates I'm currently aiming at are 26-27 october.
all the best

smok108 /
The Hague

Coding html layouts. For website, blog. In avout 8 hours I turn your PSD deign into html time machine.

Dude /

If you come to Switzerland and want to stay at least for one night in the capital Bern! You are very welcome to stay at our home in the centre of the city. Me and my sweet wife would be happy tobhave you with us to share the good things of life as food, wine and time. I like to cook and there is plenty of room for two people. We have cycle to share and lots of hints to explore the city and surroundings. And for good people I will also share my motor cycle. Not at beauty but reliable and good for fun in the mountains or tripsvaround the lakes.
Hope tobsee you.

paida /

The reason why I'm writing you is that next week I'm going to shoot the videoclip for an italian band. At the moment they are really catching the international interest with their music, but still they are not famous and ...quite poor.
For this reason I'm not going to have any income, and I'm trying to arrange all the technical material that I'll need for the shooting.

Part of the movie we are going to shoot in Clärchens Ballhaus, but most of it we want to shoot in a "normal" apartment, we're a swingdance couple are going to dance in a daily life situation. We know people with aparments, but we don't know anyone who has one with a lot of space and with high ceilings, which would make the shooting easier and allow the camera movement we want.

Hope you can help, we would be glad to exchange time shooting for you, doing some editing or whatever you might need.

Silvia Rossi
+49 152 57683461

My idea for the videoclip is to have a couple (a man and a woman) dancing in different settings of the daily life. The dance would be their secret way of interacting, their secret language, to go through the monotony of the daily routine. For this reason I would like to set some dance in a "daily life setting " as the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the stairs of an apartament and then I would like to set one of the dancing in a very very special place that will represent the place where they're dreaming to be while they're dancing in their home, it represent the place where they imagine to be all of the time that they are dancing, for example a really fancy ballhaus.
I already found the dancers, thay are mainly swing professional dancer but thay can dance also other kind of music.
I already have 2 cameras and one trypod, but I would need some lights, spotlights, lastolite, stands and above all a dolly with rails.
Anybody that is interesting to cooperate in the production as DOP, assistant or other roles is more than welcome.
Esperanza is represented from "gamma record" that is a very good German label

32_15 /

очень люблю дачи, но своей у меня нет. с радостью съезжу на вашу. порядок/порядочность гарантирую.

Zozho /

I live in 3-room apartments with my friends. We can shelter 1-2 people. I want to make cross-cultural exchange and improove my Еnglish, i want get to know other languages(especially Spanish).

Katrin /
Berlin & Paris

I'm looking for a home swap Paris/Berlin in August 2012. (for 2, 3 or 4 weeks, I'm flexible)

I'm offering a cosy 27 m2 studio flat in a very trendy location Belleville.
My flat is right next to a great park "Buttes Chaumont" and there are lot's of good restaurants, bars and cafés just around the corner.

- bathroom and separate kitchen, with washing machine, oven, etc
- close to public transport and shops.

I also could do photographic work in exchange of a place to stay.

Feel free to contact me for more details and pictures!

Flora Nijhof /
The Netherlands or by Skype and email

I have a flat in Tiel, the Netherlands and as I am living alone, I have lots of room left. I would like to share one of the rooms with anyone who is in need of a place to stay for a while. I live in the centre of Holland. I do not own a car, so you need to arrange transportation to get here. I would however like to share it with someone who is decent and serious. If you want to know more, contact me through this forum or via email!

The Hague

Artist-run-space Billytown offers a guest studio + guest room for visiting artists to The Hague.

Check out our website for more info:

The guest room takes 3 Hour Notes for one night, 10 for a week and 30 per month.

The guest studio takes 4 Hour Notes for one day, 15 for a week and 40 per month.