February 5, 2018 - La Loge – a space for art, architecture and theory - 2018 exhibitions and programmes
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February 5, 2018
February 5, 2018

La Loge – a space for art, architecture and theory

Andreas Angelidakis. 

2018 exhibitions and programmes

La Loge – a space for art, architecture and theory
Kluisstraat - rue de l’Ermitage 86
1050 Brussels
Hours: Thursday–Saturday 12–6pm

T +32 2 644 42 48

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La Loge opened its sixth season with How do Buildings Care? Perspectives in Three Sessions: Safety, Love, Intimacya programme of films, performances and lectures exploring affective and relational aspects of site and space; Chalet, an exhibition by Jef Geys spanning over 40 years of the artist's work; Les Agapes, a permanent commissioned installation by artist and designer Stéphane Barbier Bouvet; talks by Boy Vereecken, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Pierre Frey and Jacqueline Burckhardt; and the release of Signature Strenghts by Boy Vereecken and After Service by Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, two recent publications published and edited by La Loge.

The season goes on with:

I used to build my feelings, now I watch them leave
a selection of works by Andreas Angelidakis

February 8–March 24, 2018
Opening: Thursday, February 8, 6–9pm

Drawing on two main sources of inspiration—the city of Athens and the internet—the work of Andreas Angelidakis deals with "antiquity" and "ruin," whether they be ancient or modern; real or virtual. His animated videos and 3D-printed ornaments generally rely on existing buildings and digital artifacts that often look dated or disposable, but which operate as allegories of architectural and historical conditions. Though forms of repression (financial, echnological, social, or sexual) and the structural shock of crisis have rendered these edifices silent and obsolete, Angelidakis presents them as ruins, nature, or specters—half building, half something else. Far from being inert, these "living" buildings have emancipated themselves as they transition into a state of timelessness. Ultimately, they will overcome the false cult of progress and futurity.

Angelidakis is less interested in architecture as the fixed materialisation of a design into a built reality than as an immaterial idea that floats and transforms through the different vectors of an evolving society, continually producing affections and feelings of the lived body. At La Loge, Angelidakis will create a specific situation to look at a selection of films and bibelots, using the same narrative strategies he might have used to look at buildings and cities. By doing so, the exhibition might excavate the subconscious aspects embedded in the work, while offering a glimpse into the artist’s psyche.

Voici des fleurs
with Akarova, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Hanne Lippard, Caroline Mesquita,...

April 19–June 30, 2018
Opening: Tuesday, April 17 8, 6–9pm

Voici des fleurs is an exhibition contaminated with the artistic legacy of Akarova (1904-1999), a celebrated Bruxelloise of the interwar years who devoted her life entirely to music, dance, choreography, painting and sculpture. La Loge invites contemporary artists to exhibit along Akarova's work and to freely relate to her ideas and production dynamics. Voici des Fleurs looks at art and life as a set of relations, exploring the production dynamics at play in contemporary practices, the principle of gesamtkunst as opposed to artistic purity and medium specificity, and the networks of relationships that produce and are produced by an oeuvre.

Through a diverse constellation of interdisciplinary bodies of work comprising film, voice, painting and performance, the exhibition considers ideas of self-affirmation, feminism, autonomy, and artistic integrity, at times taking recourse to the historical avant-garde, traditional crafts and the synthesis of the arts.

La Loge is a Brussels-based space dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and theory. Architects, artists, curators and cultural agents are invited to develop propositions in which they seek out the characteristic and the peculiar within their practices. La Loge is a space where ideas, discussion and presentation coexist. Public formats vary depending on the project; from exhibitions, symposiums, screenings, lectures, and performances to events’ series. The small-scale format of La Loge contributes to a context where intimate and direct conversations with its audience and the diversity of protagonists it invites can be initiated and sustained. La Loge is a privately initiated non-profit association founded by architect Philippe Rotthier. It is supported by Flanders State of the Art.

La Loge – a space for art, architecture and theory
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