November 25, 2014 - D.c.a / French association for the development of centres d'art - uncoupdedé #special issues
November 25, 2014

uncoupdedé #special issues

Design: Frederic Teschner Studio.

#special issues


Launched in February 2013, the webzine uncoupdedé is beginning its second year. With over 40,000 visitors in a year, nearly a quarter of whom were outside France, the online magazine was well received both in France and internationally.

A collectively produced, unique object, uncoupdedé brings together contributions from 34 centres d’art (out of the 48 that make up the d.c.a network); each of them has supplied the magazine with specific commissions: critical texts, short stories, fiction, essays, epistolary exchanges, interviews, online performances, as well as works of video, sound and photography…

Over 50 personalities were invited to offer a perspective relating to the programming of each centre d’art. One after another, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, art critics, art historians, curators, philosophers, anthropologists, graphic artists and even primary school students expressed themselves in speech or in writing.

These contributions, varying widely in form and tone, together provided a new vista of the centres d’art, an amalgamation of multiple views from outside. The image that ultimately results is more like a kaleidoscope with multiple reflections than a uniform, objective cartography.

By de-hierarchising the relationship between the centres d’art, uncoupdedé provides an opportunity to reassert the egalitarian spirit in which the d.c.a wishes to work, since the diversity of this network is another of its strengths.

In the audacious spirit of a throw of the dice, each centre d’art was asked to play with a notion, like a proper name that helped interpret its DNA and its unique identity. Thus the participating centres d’art played: immersion / discrepancy / afterlife / the fiction / know-how / gap / anticipation / duo / escape / incorporation / infiltration / questioning / reversal / shift / porosity / the wait / acquaintance / resonance / the prospective / bricology / inadequacy / site / correspondence / the game / affects / complicity / oblivion / effervescence / interaction / the witnesses / mobility / distance / overflow / the logbook

Bolstered by its success and visibility, uncoupdedé is restarting and subjecting existing content to new voices. In 2014 and 2015, several personalities from outside France will be asked to become our editorial writers for one season. Their task will be to place the contents of the whole magazine in perspective, presenting them differently through the prism of their subjectivity and their own work contexts.

Each guest editor will reformulate the actions of the centres d’art, various aspects of which they will have been able to perceive through the magazine. Each editor-in-chief will “roll off” a cross-cutting text, presenting an original re-examination of the resolutely fluid geography of the centres d’art. The guest editors, coming from a variety of disciplines, will widen the circle of expression even more. Choral and fragmentary, uncoupdedé takes just as much after puzzles as it does after memories, and naturally calls for cut-outs of every kind.

Autumn issue
Guest-edited by Catalina Lozano (Bogota, Colombia)

Winter issue
Guest-edited by Zasha Colah (Bombay, India)

Spring issue
Guest-edited by Moe Satt (Yangon, Myanmar)

Summer issue
Guest-edited by Manuela Moscoso (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

uncoupdedé #special issues, a project of d.c.a / the French association for the development of centres d’art


uncoupdedé #special issues
D.c.a / French association for the development of centres d'art
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