June 30, 2013 - National Museum of Norway - International conference on contemporary painting
June 30, 2013

International conference on contemporary painting

International Conference on Contemporary Painting: An Appetite for Painting
19–20 September 2013 

National Museum of Norway 
Museum of Contemporary Art
Bankplassen 4, Oslo
Hours: Tuesday–Friday 11–17h;
Thursday 11–19h; Saturday–Sunday 12–17h


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What has happened to painting over the past ten years and what will be its future in the next decade? 

Speakers: Glenn Barkley, Marlene Dumas, Peter Doig, Gavin Jantjes, Jittish Kallat, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Analia Saban, Mari Slaattelid, and Robert Storr

‘An Appetite for Painting’ will provide insights into the future of painting. The speakers will discuss the reception and value of contemporary painting’s theoretical positions, practical strategies and the painter’s belief in the medium as a force within culture. 

Topics of discussion include:
Painting as a Discursive Practice: Can the visual discursivity of painting offer ways out of a conceptual and text based post-modernity? What do paintings communicate about the present that other media do not? 

The Autonomy of Painting:  Has the autonomy of painting faltered through absorption into other forms of practice? Can we speak of pure painting today and why should we?   

Strategies of Collapse: What new approaches to painting will help to deflate the inflated forces of commerce in the evaluation of painting and why does it need to do this? Do other tools for the evaluation and reception of painting in art institutions exist and who owns the toolbox? 

Blunt Formulism or Sharp Radicalism: Painting’s resistance to being pushed to the margins of artistic discourse demonstrates the painters’ conviction to its discursive function.  Can this resistance hone a cutting edge to radical imagery? 

The Delight of the Visual: Without recourse to nostalgia, can painting invest new notions of beauty, harmony, affinity or empathy into post-modern discourses? Will painting’s dual abilities to re-present reality or point to it through systems of visual signification satisfy the hunger for painted images? 

To Paint in the Face of Doubt: Post-modern theory casts a broad shadow of doubt over the practice of painting. Painters who have an appetite for painting confront this doubt with visual imagination to remove it and secure the autonomy of painting. They are unafraid of making something sublime. 

The full conference programme will be available in August. For further information about the conference and how to register, please visit anappetiteforpainting.eventbrite.com.


National Museum of Norway presents an international conference on contemporary painting
National Museum of Norway
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