Revolution Happened Because Everybody Refused to Go Home

Revolution Happened Because Everybody Refused to Go Home

Bureau publik

Disobedience Archive (The Temporary Office) & Crisis Mirror, installation view. Photo: Kristofer Hultenberg.

October 12, 2012

Revolution Happened Because Everybody Refused to Go Home
6 October–17 November 2012

bureau publik
Vesterbrogade 111, st.
1620 København V

Revolution Happened Because Everybody Refused To Go Home
Disobedience Archive (The Temporary Office) & Crisis Mirror
bureau publik opens on the 6th of October with Revolution Happened Because Everybody Refused to Go Home, an exhibition project about the fight against capitalism and inequality. A number of current and historical conflicts will be explored through art and activism in order to develop new ways of imagining the world otherwise.

The project is centred around a presentation of the curator Marco Scotini’s Disobedience Archive (The Temporary Office), an ongoing video archive of art activist and political works. The archive contains an extensive collection of video material exploring different resistance tactics from activist direct action through the production of counter information to different kinds of bio-resistance. As a collection of heterogeneous images, the archive can be seen as a user’s guide to the history of civil disobedience: from the Italian social struggles of 1977 to global protests before and after Seattle through to the current insurrections in the Middle East and the Arab world. This history will be presented at bureau publik in the form of six weekly chapters. The titles of these chapters are: “1977: the Italian Exit”; “Protesting Capitalist Globalization”; “Reclaim the Streets: Bio-Resistance and Society of Control”; “Disobedience East” and “the Arab Dissent”.

The Copenhagen-based group Crisis Mirror will throughout the exhibition map four aspects of the crisis that became a reality with the financial collapse in 2008. The group will thus investigate the economical, the environmental, the social and the political aspect of the crisis and accumulate various representations, creating an image of the complexity of the crisis. Crisis Mirror is an interdisciplinary group working with the production and distribution of information about the current state of capitalism. During the exhibition, the group will use the space as a meeting place and organise talks and discussions. For more information on events visit or

Disobedience Archive participants
Omar Amiralay, Atelier D’architecture Autogérée (AAA), Mitra Azar, Gianfranco Baruchello, Bernadette Corporation, Black Audio Film Collective, Critical Art Ensemble, Dodo Brothers, Marcelo Expósito, Harun Farocki & Andrei Ujica, Rene Gabri & Ayreen Anastas, Alberto Grifi, Ashley Hunt, Sara Ishaq, Khaled Jarrar, Mosireen Collective, Wael Noureddine, Margit Czencki/Park Fiction, Oliver Ressler & Zanny Begg, Roy Samaha, Eyal Sivan, Hito Steyerl, The Department of Space and Land Reclamation, Mariette Schiltz & Bert Theis, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Dmitry Vilensky & Chto Delat?, James Wentzy, and Joanne Richardson.

9 October, 7pm; lecture:
Jodi Dean, “Occupy Wall Street: Forcing Division”

23 October, 7:30pm; reading:
Lars Skinnebach, “Den Artificielle Have” (in Danish)

1 November, 7pm; presentation:
Mosireen Collective

7 November, 7:30pm; reading:
Majse Aymo-Boot, “Ødelæggelsen 1-11″ (in Danish)

14 November, 7pm; reading, lecture and discussion:
Rasmus Graff, “Folkets prosa og andre tekster”; and Mikkel Bolt, “Krise, sammenbrud og revolution” (in Danish)

5 December, 7pm; lecture:
Franco Bifo Berardi, “The Financial Devastation of Europe and the Precarization of Life”

The project is realised with support from Københavns billedkunstudvalg and the Danish Arts Council.

bureau publik is a place for artistic and discursive activities aimed at understanding the current situation where the protests taking place in USA, North Africa, the Middle East and Europe have created new forms of resistance making possible a new critique of capitalism. bureau publik is a space where the imaginative powers of art point towards another way of shaping the world.

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Bureau publik
October 12, 2012

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