April 25, 2011 - Piktogram - No Time to Show – Birthday Party
April 25, 2011

No Time to Show – Birthday Party

Photo by Szymon Rogiński.

No Time to Show — Birthday Party

Red Rack’em (Bergerac, Hot Coins, Tirk – UK)
Maciek Sienkiewicz (Yacht Rock Disko – PL)
Kapitan Teren (Side One, YRD – PL)

Saturday, 7 May 2011, 8 pmwww.piktogram.org

Piktogram Talking Pictures Magazine is an exhibition in magazine form. It is now acquiring a new dimension, moving from printed paper to 3D and into a new space – a post-industrial building, impressively designed by the architectural studio Projekt Praga, at the Soho Factory in Warsaw’s Kamionek neighbourhood. Following a six-year-long record of ephemeral appropriations of such unexpected places as hotel rooms, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and movie theatres for exhibitions, Piktogram and its alter ego, an informal organisation known as the Bureau of Loose Associations, are opening a space for exhibitions, workshops, concerts, screenings, lectures, dance parties, and brainstorming sessions. It will be bundled with a space for projects associated with publishing, printing, recording and distribution – a bookstore-as-exhibition or rather an exhibition-as-bookstore. The artists invited to work on site-specific projects will be housed in a guest room – a small wooden house built inside the post-industrial space. There will be a guerrilla bar/café for the thirsty, and a garden for those tired with the hubbub of the city.

To celebrate the opening of the new space, Piktogram‘s sixth birthday, and the publication of issue # 15, Piktogram/BLA invite you to a party in a gallery space. There will be music instead of pictures and a dance floor instead of an exhibition.

Published in Poland, Piktogram is a bi-lingual (Polish-English) magazine that features a mixture of artist-contributed, or found and previously unpublished, visual material with texts from the fields of art, architecture, film, design, science, and fiction. It confronts contemporary artistic ideas with little-known, rediscovered phenomena created in a context of Eastern Europe during communist era, which complementing the picture of the world with new, imagination-inspiring dimensions.

The Piktogram/Bla opening is a part of:

The opening of three new spaces in Warsaw on the east side of Wisła river
Saturday, 7 May, 2011

BWA Warszawa
Plundering the Ruins of Reality

Adam Adach, Jarosław Fliciński, Nicolas Grospierre, Agnieszka Kalinowska,
Angelika Markul, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz & Giovanni Battista Piranesi,
komuna//warszawa, Grobbing Thristle
opening: Saturday, 7 May, 2011, 3 pm
Sunday 8 May, 2011, 3 – 8 pm

BWA Warszawa
ul. Jakubowska 16/ Dom Funkcjonalny
03-902 Warszawa

Leto Gallery
Wojciech Puś ‘Given’

opening: Saturday, 7 May, 2011, 8 pm
10 May–4 June, 2011

Leto Gallery
ul. Mińska 25/ Soho Factory
03-808 Warszawa

ul. Mińska 25/ Soho Factory
03-808 Warszawa

No Time to Show - Birthday Party
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