April 17, 2011 - CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo - Symposium: Never written stories
April 17, 2011

Symposium: Never written stories

Patricia Esquivias, “A partir de mañana todo” (From tomorrow on everything), 2007.
© Courtesy of the artist and Maisterravalbuena Gallery, Madrid.

Symposium Never written stories at CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Open call for research projects on artistic theory and practice for the criticism sessions

Deadline for presentation of applications:
16 May 2011

20–23 June 2011

Suely Rolnik, Patricia Esquivias, Andrei Ujica, Cristina Santamarina, Gerald Raunig, C.A.S.I.T.A., Vincent Meessen, Carme Romero, José Luis Pardo, Rabih Mroué, Hito Steyerl, Pablo Martínez.
Two Workshops: Hito Steyerl and Rabih Mroué.
Directed by Aurora Fernández Polanco.CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Av. Constitución 23
28931 Móstoles, Madrid

“Never written stories”

Beyond the economic problem, the negativity of the current crisis is basically linked to the deactivation of the capacity of inventing a future. However, we must remind that every crisis opens up spaces of possibility. To assume that, as immaterial producers, we all participate in the creation of collective imagination entails the risk that neoliberal directives use as a tool the triad constituted by “innovation-creativity-invention.” In this inevitably shared space, critical artistic practices keep on defending the power of imagination as a political faculty that unite memory and prediction.

The CA2M presents the XVIII Image Symposium of the Region of Madrid which will take place on 20–23 June. This edition of the Symposium will include: an international seminar for artists and theorists open to the general public; a forum for art theory and practice researchers who will present their work at the Symposium’s critical sessions; and two artist workshops.


Researchers’ papers in the fields of theory and artistic practice on the following topics are welcome:

1- Power, knowledge and economy: new formats
When market has become integrated into biopolitics, thought and action capacity are reevaluated by means of new formats, which escape from fixed disciplines and identities (in production, investigation, pedagogy, display and communication).

2- Performing citizenship
How to trick symbolic pressure? What kind of power can we still find in breaches and discontinuities (of time, space, knowledge, affection or work) in order to catch sight of the future of a new citizenship? How are we trying out other forms of subjectivity that can be shared?


The following documents are required to participate in the critical sessions:

- Registration form fully completed.

- Theoretical or artistic practice paper.

Essays are to be presented in Din A4 format and artistic practices as a report, dossier or portfolio.

Essays must not exceed 10 pages.

This year, the call also includes audiovisual works. Applicants should send the registration form duly completed, the report and their work stored on CD.

Papers should be written in Spanish or English.

Applications with incomplete information will not be considered.

Successful applicants who wish to attend the symposium and live outside the region of Madrid may be awarded a travel grant of 150 EUR upon presentation of proof of residency (e.g. municipal certificate, copy of student card, bill in beneficiary’s name, etc.).

Supporting documents of non-successful applications may be retrieved during the Symposium.


Applicants are requested to submit their documentation as follows by 16 May 2011:

- By e-mail: download the Registration form, fill in and send it with your paper (in .doc or .pdf) to actividades.ca2m@madrid.org

- By post: enclose the completed registration form and the printed project (applications received at the CA2M after 9 May will not be considered).


The projects will be selected by a special committee comprising the symposium director and the CA2M team.

The list of participants will be posted on the CA2M website on 18 May. Successful applicants will be notified officially of the day and time of their presentation.

More information: actividades.ca2m@madrid.org and 91 276 02 27.

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Avda. Constitución, 23
28931 Móstoles, Madrid
+34 91 2760213
+34 91 6180469

Symposium: Never written stories
CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
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