December 14, 2009 - Museum De Paviljoens - Germaine Kruip
December 14, 2009

Germaine Kruip

Germaine Kruip, Marble Untitled, 2009. Courtesy of The approach, London. Photo: Gert Jan Kocken.

Germaine Kruip
Only the Title Remains

21 November 2009–11 April 2010

Museum De Paviljoens
Odeonstraat 3
1325 AL Almere
The Netherlands
t. +31 (0)36-5450400
f. +31 (0)36-5450800

Museum De Paviljoens proudly presents Germaine Kruip: Only the Title Remains; the first overview exhibition of the work of leading Dutch artist Germaine Kruip (Castricum, 1970). In the exhibition, Kruip takes the architecture of the Aue Pavilions (Robbrecht & Daem, Documenta IX, Kassel,1992) as a point of departure for a site-specific overview of her work.

For the first time, a broad range of her conceptual work will be shown in a single exhibition: from her ongoing project Image Archive (since 2004) and her ephemeral performances and light installations through to her recent film Aesthetics as a Way of Survival (2009).

The sun determines the closing hours

Daylight, artificial light and the passing of time are reflected on the walls and floors of Museum De Paviljoens through various site-specific installations. The closing hours, for instance, are specially geared to the light installation Rehearsal (2002 – 2009): Museum De Paviljoens will close its doors at sundown. In the dead of winter this is as early as four thirty, whereas in spring the doors will not close until around eight o’clock in the evening. Seen from the outside, the building is an alternating, pulsating light source, shifting from light to dark between sundown and sunset.

Aesthetics as a Way of Survival

The film Aesthetics as a Way of Survival (2009), was previously showcased in the exhibition of the same name at the Kunstverein Düsseldorf in Germany (May – August 2009) that Germaine Kruip created in collaboration with curator Renske Janssen. In this film, Kruip follows the bowerbird in its natural habitat in Northeast Australia. The male bowerbird lures females with ingenious structures of twigs that it decorates with colourful patterns of flowers, berries, leaves and what else is available. This remarkable phenomenon is the reason for a symposium of the same name to be held on 4 March 2010 in new town Almere- the Netherlands – at which biologists, art historians, neurologists and architects will explore the (vital) importance of aesthetics.

Besides Rehearsal (2002 – 2009), Aesthetics as a Way of Survival: Rehearsal, Great Bowerbird (2009) and Aesthetics as a Way of Survival: Rehearsal, Two Great Bowerbirds (2009), the works Image Archive (2004 – ongoing), Reading Room (2006 – 2009), Wish (2003 – 2009), I See a Landscape (2004 – 2009), Counter Composition II (2007), Counter Shadow (2008), Counter Composition III (2008), Counter Shadow II (2008), Daytime (2004 – 2009), A Shimmering of Grey (2002 – 2009), Marble Untitled (2009), Gypsum Ellipse (2009), Messing Ellipse (2009) and Circular Shadow (2009) will also be shown at the exhibition.

The Dutch Identity?

Starting with the 2002 exhibition Nonlinear Editing, Museum De Paviljoens has spotlighted the Dutch identity in a series of exhibitions, lectures and publications on Dutch art since 1960. Germaine Kruip is the fifth artist to take centre stage in a series of solo exhibitions at Museum De Paviljoens presenting the work of Dutch-based artists who play an important role in the Dutch art history of the past 15 years. She was preceded by Meschac Gaba (2009), Barbara Visser (2006-2007), Job Koelewijn (2004-2005) and Yael Davids (2003-2004). In the coming three years this reflection will be intensified in an exhibition, publication and education programme that will be made manifest in 2012.

More info:
Director: Macha Roesink
Curator: Annick Kleizen
Communications: Ciska Borsboom

Museum De Paviljoens
t. +31 (0)36-5450400

Monday and Tuesday by appointment
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12.00 – sundown

It’s an ongoing process!

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Museum De Paviljoens, Almere

Museum De Paviljoens
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