October 15, 2008 - Centre pour l'image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais Geneva - VERSION BETA
October 15, 2008


Pe Lang + Zimoun
Untitled Sound Objects

VERSION BETA: expérimentations en cours
31 October – 14 December 2008

Saint-Gervais Genève
5, rue du Temple, CH – 1201 Genève
Tél. +41 (0)22 908 20 62
Fax +41 22(0)22 908 20 01


The Center for Contemporary Images is pleased to announce that Version bêta, its biennial event devoted to new media and artmaking and which theme is experimentation, will run in Geneva from 31 October to 14 December 2008 at the Center for Contemporary Images, Saint-Gervais Geneva, as well as the Geneva University of Art and Design.

The opening of Version beta will take place on Friday 31st October at 6 pm at the Center for Contemporary images, 5 Rue du Temple, 1201 Geneva.

The event breaks down into five different “platforms”:

Installations, environments, démonstrations
Caroline Bernard with Gwenola Wagon, Michiko Tsuda, Adla Isanovic and Catherine Cochard,Vaibhav Bhawsar, Samuel Bianchini, Bureau d’études, Emilie Brout and Maxime Marion, Coldcenter, Thomas Feuerstein, Formes de l’interactivité, HeHe, Rama Hoetzlein, John Klima, Grégoire Lauvin, Golan Levin, Julie Morel, Nogo Voyages, Esther Polak, Andrea Polli, Tania Ruiz,Tatsuya Saito and Kumiko Idaka, Laura Seguy, Mizuki Watanabe, Zimoun and Pe Lang.

documentary films, new Works
- Lutz Dammbeck, “Das Netz,” 2004.
- “Nine Evenings: Theater and Engineering,” a cycle of ten films recording performances done in 1966 in New York, organized by Billy Klüver and performed by thirty scientists and ten artists, including John Cage, Deborah Hay, Steve Paxton, Robert Rauschenberg and David Tudor.
- Peter Kirby, “Binary lives : Steina et Woody Vasulka,” 1997, and “Chris Burden,” 1991.
- Graham Stevens, “Atmosfields,” 1971, and “Desert Clouds,” 1972.
- Kaori Kinoshita and Alain Della Negra, « Newborns », 2007 and « The Den », 2008.

actions, VJing, music
Blast Theory, Andres Burbano, Abhishek Hazra, Peter Sinclair.

proposal-based productions, work in progress
Nogo Voyages, Zimoun and Pe Lang, Grégoire Lauvin and Pascal Chirol, Christian Nold.

presentations, comparisons
Brian Holmes, Alessandro Ludovico, Bureau d’études : Xavier Fourt and Léonore Bonaccini, Gerrit Gohlke and Relax : Daniel Hauser, Andrea Polli, Florian Dombois, Artists in Labs : Jill Scott, Luis Blackaller, Ulrich Fischer, Eléonore Hellio, Caroline Bernard, SymbioticA : Jane Coakley, Mouna Andraos, Locus Sonus : Alejandro Duqué et Peter Sinclair.

Program conceived and achieved jointly with HEAD – Geneva’s postgraduate course immediat, arts and medias.


Version bêta will also host the official awarding of the annual contribution of the Migros “Pour-cent culturel” for the promotion of digital culture. The prize ceremony, scheduled for Saturday 1st November at 7PM at the Center for Contemporary Images will be preceded by a screening of Lutz Dammbeck’s film “Das Netz” at 3:30 PM, and a talk about Dammbeck’s film by Brian Holmes at 6 PM.

You will find a detailed program and a press kit for Version bêta at www.version-beta.ch on 1st October.

Saint-Gervais Genève, Foundation for the arts of the stage and image, is generously subsidized by the Department of Culture of the City of Geneva and enjoys the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Centre pour l'image contemporaine

Centre pour l'image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais Geneva
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