January 16, 2008 - Brumaria - Brumaria 9 ‘Modernity? Life! Documenta 12′ out now
January 16, 2008

Brumaria 9 ‘Modernity? Life! Documenta 12′ out now

Brumaria 9 ‘Modernity? Life! Documenta 12’ out now

C/ Santa Isabel 28. 3º 2. 28012 Madrid – Spain
+34 91 528 0527

227 Hanbury Street. E1 5JY London – UK
+44 (0) 7942449055
+44 (0) 2073661468

info [​at​] brumaria.net


Brumaria 9 ‘Modernity? Life! Documenta 12’ compiles a series of translated and edited texts extracted from the editorial interchange platform of documenta 12 magazines, in documenta 12, Kassel. With essays by: Art & Language, Marius Babias, Leo Bersani, Roger M. Buergel, Judith Butler, Keti Chukhrov, Darío Corbeira, Andreas Huyssen, Carlos Jiménez, Maurizio Lazzarato, Pamela M. Lee, Mark Lewis, Oliver Marchart, Irene Montero, Jacques Rancière and Slavoj Zizek..

The previous issue, Brumaria 8 ‘Art and Revolution’, is part of Brumaria’s contribution to documenta 12 magazines. This publication brings together a group of essays that are the result of the seminar Art and Revolution. Discongress on History(es) of Art. There, the main topics discussed were the social and political changes which influenced and were influenced by the movements of changes in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres and their relation to the big tendencies of twentieth century art. With texts by Alexander Alberro, Jane Crawford, Alice Creischer, Brian Holmes, Ana Longoni, Gerardo Mosquera, Gerald Raunig, Suely Rolnik, Gregory Sholette, Andreas Siekmann, Eduardo Subirats and Feng Yuan.

Brumaria – artistic, aesthetic and political practices is, since 2002, an artists project devoted to the construction of a space for research and reflection on artistic, social, and political practices, with the aim of translating, organising, editing, and circulating theoretical-practical materials for conceiving
contemporary experimentation.

Brumaria works in three different complementary means:

1. Publication. The two last issues, Brumaria 8 ‘Art and Revolution’ and Brumaria 9 ‘Modernity? Life! Documenta 12’, are part of Brumaria’s contribution to documenta 12 magazines, both in Spanish/English bilingual edition . www.brumaria.net/erzio/en/publication.html

2. Documentos. A series of theoretical, critical and research essays posted on our website. www.brumaria.net/erzio/en/documents.php

3. Collaborative projects. Organization and/or participation in different events, exhibitions, projects and other practices; among others: Republicart, Desacuerdos, MarxUpdate, Transform, ARCO, Copylandia. Óptica festival de vídeo, Travelling Magazine Table, documenta 12 magazines, Cige, L’Europe en Devenir…

Brumaria maintains an activity of anti-hegemonic critical analysis materialized through three main subjects: a continuous relationship with the ‘movements of movements’, collaborative practices with different organizations worldwide regarding institutional critique, and new artistic and cultural media thematic revisions, following the development of art as an institution as well as researching the big events currently imbedded in the cultural industry.

Work in progress
Brumaria is currently developing projects on art, multifocal war and terrorism; museums, cultural industry and neoliberal culture; Latin-American video art; Borders in the EU; and icnoclasm / iconophilia.

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