October 7, 2007 - Tufts University Art Gallery - What is cosmic energy and how can we tap into it?
October 7, 2007

What is cosmic energy and how can we tap into it?

Photo: Peter Harris 2007.

Ilya and Emilia KABAKOV:

September 6 – November 11, 2007

Tufts University Art Gallery at the Aidekman Arts Center
40R Talbot Avenue
Medford, MA 02155
General Information: 617-627-3518

What is cosmic energy and how can we tap into it? How are cosmic energy and individual creativity related? Will exposure to cosmic energy heighten your consciousness and personal creativity? What insight can be gained from an artist’s interpretation of cosmological questions?

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, renowned Russian émigré artists, together with the Tufts University Art Gallery, invite you to contemplate the amazing power of cosmic energy, the original renewable resource, at The Center of Cosmic Energy, September 6 through November 11.

Imagine the construction of a ventilation complex in Medford, MA, during which ancient cave drawings and mysterious archaeological artifacts are unearthed at the site. Scientists offer theories on the meaning of these objects and drawings; according to one theory, the site is a sacred place filled with cosmic energy, the objects are ancient vessels once used to channel this energy, and the drawings are ancient recordings of this phenomenon. Imagine that such a theory could be tested by retrofitting the ventilation complex as a modern research facility

Now see this scenario materialized in the Kabakovs’ Center of Cosmic Energy. The building, considered by its designers to be a “monumental experiment,” was conceived to investigate how the energy of the cosmos can be received and mastered, thereby leading to “new and unlimited possibilities for Mankind.”

Visitors to The Center will encounter the Kabakovs’ three-dimensional proposal to make the world a better place. An audio narrative, written by the artists and heard inside The Center, declares: “By visiting this special place, you become part of a grand scientific experiment to determine if the energy of the cosmos can be harnessed, directed, and preserved. As you contemplate the history and meaning of The Center of Cosmic Energy, you may feel a proximity to the Cosmos you have never experienced before.”


Contact: Jeanne Koles


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