October 16, 2005 - Istanbul Biennial - 9th Istanbul Biennale
October 16, 2005

9th Istanbul Biennale

Two Continents and Beyond: Waterways on Vapur
Official Independent Project of 9th Istanbul Biennale

18 - 28 October 2005

Rides between Besiktas & Uskudar Ports
Departing Every Hour on the Hour

Curated by Renée Vara and Asli Sümer

Lead Curators & Producers: Renée Vara and Asli Sümer

Curatorial Advisors: Ethan Cohen, Paul Middendorf and Mary Mattingly

Artists: Nicole Amore, Theo Angell, Art Hijack (Elana Rubinfeld and Trong G. Ngyen), John Breiner, Donna Clovis, Orly Cogan, Aaron Day, Christoph Draeger, David Eckard, Tamar Hirschl, Ryan Jeffery, Erin Letterman, Michelle Livsey, Miranda Lloyd, Eva Mantell, Mary Mattingly, Jason Middlebrook, Zhu Ming, Naoto Nakagawa, Lindsey Nobel, Dina Noto, Agata Oleksiak, Rune Olsen, Jim Peters, Paige Saez, Avelino Sala, Lisa Schilling, Dana Shea, Raphaele Shirley, Shinique Smith, Stephanie Snyder, Amy Steel, Vicky Tomayko, Lauren Was, Jeannie Weissglass and Bernard Williams

Two Continents and Beyond: Waterways, led by Renée Vara and Asli Sümer, is the second statement in a series of interventions. Recontextualized around the specific concerns of Turkey, the show repeats guerilla practices on the Bosphorus and investigates the iconic role of the Vapur (the local public ferries) as the nexus of the politics surrounding trade, commerce and environmental resources.

Waterways: what began as a collective happening during the 2005 Venice Biennale now returns as an Official Independent Project of the 9th Istanbul Biennale. This collaborative group of over 30 artists and 7 curators initiated a critical dialogue regarding the relationship between the environment, natural resources and its role in systems of transportation.

The show, installed on one of Istanbuls largest vapurs, the Aykut Barka, will sail between the historic ports of Besiktas on the European coast and Uskudar on the Asian. The ride provides a conscious pause to actively engage and explore the complex dynamic inherent in the systems of politics and international exchange as it relates to environmental conservation and global warming.

This collaboration of artists and curators represent a collective commentary on such issues and wrestles with the utopian ideal embodied in closed systems and international exchanges of divergent viewpoints.

Press & Opening Reception: October 18th, 6PM at Kabatash Port

Opening VIP and Press Party: October 18th @ 9PM
artSumer Gallery
1.cadde No:62 Arnavutkoy 34345 Istanbul
Tel : 90-212-263-5623, www.artsumer.com
RSVP: rsvp@varaart.com

Further information and press images:
Renée Vara, T (001-921-1708), info@varaart.com
Asli Sümer, T (001-90-212-263-5623), info@artsumer.com

Further information regarding Waterways collective: www.varaart.com/main.asp?page=waterways
and www.waterways2005.blogspot.com

This project was realized in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and I.D.O.

Istanbul Biennial
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