October 4, 2005 - Flash Art International - No.244 (October 2005), Special Focus Russia
October 4, 2005

No.244 (October 2005), Special Focus Russia

Flash Art International No.244
October 2005


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The October issue of Flash Art will provide you with some action-packed art criticism to give a fresh approach that reflects on the summer and prepares you for the fall art season.

With Focus Russia Flash Art has explored this promising land and brings you comprehensive reports coming in two parts. In the October issue,Part 1 covers the fundamental contributions of Moscow Conceptual art as the forefather of all the recent developments in Russian contemporary art; Part 2, out in November, will be devoted to the emerging scenes of today.
Viktor Misiano introduces this issue and explains the how, who, and why of Russian contemporary art from the early Nineties until the present. Tracking its essential players, Flash Art dives into the work of Vadim Zacharov, here interviewed by Yara Bubnova. Hans Ulrich Obrist went to Russia and visited the master of Moscow Conceptual art Andrei Monastyrsky. Other investigations were conducted by Olesya Turkyna, who writes on the work of painter and sculptor Valeri Koshlyakov, and by David Riff, who talks with Anatoly Osmolovsky about his new projects. A Dictionary of Artists Part 1 gives an idea of the panorama of Russian art through its founding figureheads.

This issue is not confined within the Russian borders: other highlights include Dana Schutzs new paintings. She talks about her habits, studio and attitudes towards art with Maurizio Cattelan and states: I have a lot of doubt and nervous energy. But I also have moments of extreme confidence. Similar to the Kool-Aid Man, busting into your house.
Marina Abramovic explains her philosophy behind the reperforming her work and that of others in a conversation with Aaron Moulton and Andrea Bellini interviews South African artist Robin Rhode. For the Theory angle, Marta Kuzma makes art criticism out of the new waves of interest on populism.

This issues Ouverture explores the work of Zipora Fried and Global Art discusses Drawing Restraint 9, the new work of Matthew Barney recently premiered in Kanazawa.

Reviews in this issue include: Robert Smithson, the 3rd Göteborg Biennial, Matthew Monahan, Petah Coyne, Thomas Schütte, Claude Lévêque, Michael Raedecker, Liu Ding, Meschac Gaba, Sam Salisbury, Olafur Eliasson, Jen rêve, Vitaly Komar, Remote Viewing, Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin, Make It Now, Banks Violette, Patty Chang, Panopticon. The Architecture and Theatre of the Prison, Katja Davar, The History of Disappearance, and Kazuna Taguchi.

Get your hands on a copy of the October issue of the world’s leading art magazine while supplies last. The cover artists this issue are Dana Schutz and Vadim Zakharov.

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