June 21, 2004 - Madrid Abierto - MADRID ABIERTO 2005 PROJECT COMPETITION
June 21, 2004



451. Madrid Abierto‘s Coorporative Image, 2004    PUBLIC ART PROJECT COMPETITION
Projects should be sent before July 15th

by e-mail to:

or by post to:
Fundacion Altadis-Madrid Abierto,
calle Barquillo 7, 28004 Madrid, Spain

For further information: www.madridabierto.com

MADRID ABIERTO is a project framed within so-called Public Art i.e. interventions and performances derived from an artistic concept and developed preferably in a public and open context. Interacting with social and political processes, these works are aimed at the active or passive protagonists of such processes, i.e. all those people who, directly or indirectly, regularly or occasionally, live together in a specific physical, communicative, social and symbolic space, in this case, the City of Madrid. After last edition great success, the new project competition of artistic installations for Madrid Abierto 2005 is now underway.

1. The aim of this competition is the selection of at least six art projects of an ephemeral or temporary nature. The works chosen will be included in Madrid Abierto (www.madridabierto.com) together with other invited projects like those of the Casa de America and the water tank in the Fundacion Canal grounds, in Plaza de Castilla.

2. Programmed to coincide with ARCO (Madrid, February 2005), the interventions will be situated along the Paseo de la Castellana-Paseo del Prado axis. There will also be a site-specific project for the Circulo de Bellas Artes building.
(To see the characteristics of the Circulo de Bellas Artes, you could visit: www.madridabierto.com).

3. The competition is open to artists, either individually or in a group (in which case a representative should be chosen), of all nationalities.

4. Projects must include:

CV (maximum 2,000 characters) and a photocopy of the Identity Card(s) -or equivalent document- of the artist(s) concerned.
Description of the project (maximum 4,000 characters).
A maximum of six sketches and images of the project in jpg format with 72 dpi resolution.
Description of the assembly procedure and technical needs.
A detailed estimate of the costs, indicating items which might have their own funding.
The maximum award for each project selected is 12.000 euros, except the site-specific project for the Circulo de Bellas Artes which will receive 18.000 euros. In every case, the sum includes the cost of production, transport and installation, artists’ fees, and any taxes legally in force.

5. Projects should be sent by e-mail to abierto@madridabierto.com before 15 th July (or by post to Fundacion Altadis-Madrid Abierto, calle Barquillo 7, 28004 Madrid, Spain).

6. The promoters of Madrid Abierto will appoint a selection committee, chaired by the director of the programme, which will choose a minimum of six projects. Proposed interventions will be assessed for quality and viability as well as absolute reversibility.

7. Madrid Abierto reserves the publication and reproduction rights of the projects selected for all the promotional needs of the programme, and will add to its documentary holdings and public archive any documentation generated. The projects and works selected will remain the property of the artists, and the promoting institutions will have preference if any acquisition is proposed.

8. Participation in this competition entails full acceptance of the above rules and conditions.

For further information: www.madridabierto.com; abierto@madridabierto.com

Credits: Direction: Jorge Diez Coordination: RMS La Asociacion Sponsors: Fundacion Altadis, Comunidad de Madrid (Consejeria de Cultura y Deportes), Concejalia de Las Artes de Madrid, Fundacion Canal. Collaborators: ARCO2005, TVE, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Casa de America.

Madrid Abierto
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