March 1, 2004 - Artforum - March in Artforum
March 1, 2004

March in Artforum

March in Artforum

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“Is it possible for the arts to intervene effectively in the shaping of contemporary society?”

Adding to the mix, art historian David Joselit examines the legacy of “social sculpture” and the rise of video projection in Pierre Huyghe’s recent installation Streamside Day Follies. And Liisa Roberts describes her efforts to come to terms with post-Soviet life in Vyborg, Russia, through an ambitious four-year project, a portion of which premieres this month at the Whitney Biennial. “One of Vyborg’s aims,” she remarks, “is to initiate a public dialogue that can actively contribute to building the city’s future.”

In the March cover story, Tacita Dean surveys the films and photographs of Matthew Buckingham, who invites his viewers to see “history through the everyday.”

Plus: Sven Lutticken heads to Dogville, Andrea Kroksnes deconstructs the architectural interventions of Kristina Braein, Jan Tumlir samples Matmos, and the Mars rover rolls into Trisha Donnelly’s Top Ten.

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