August 5, 2002 - Galeria HR - Exhibición by Terence Gower
August 5, 2002

Exhibición by Terence Gower

Exhibición by Terence Gower 
July 18 – August 23, 2002

Galeria HR
Parque España 47
México, DF 06140
Tel. (52) 55 52 11 71 92

Harrods, Umbrella Counter. Photogrpah by Parnell

Galeria HR is pleased to present: Exhibición by Terence Gower.

Exhibición is made up of a series of direct quotations from books and magazines dealing with the problems of shop and exhibition display. The centerpiece of the exhbition–La arquitectura de las tiendas–is a video projection in the form of a slide lecture. The disembodied voice of the lecturer (actor Roberto Cobo) lays down rules for the proper display of merchandise in the store, warning us of the dangers of spectacular displays like the one in the illustration of the Harrod’s umbrella counter, seen in one of the projected images and reproduced in three dimensions at the entrance to Exhibición.

In Exhibición, placing a merchandise display in the gallery encourages us to compare the display strategies of the gallery and the store. In the rotulo (sign painter) work Sombrero, two elderly ladies at a craft fair discuss their desire to achieve the affect of a “sombrero carelessly thrown down”. This quotation illustrates a “casual” display strategy in which artefacts are deliberately arranged to look random.

Terence Gower is a Canadian artist living between New York and Mexico City. As artist and curator, he has created numorous projects and exhibitions addressing the problem of display in galleries and museums in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The first work in his Display Architecture series an 18 meter outdoor pavilion will be presented in Mexico City this November as a Colección Jumex Commission.

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