August 6, 2016 - e-flux - Register to vote!
August 6, 2016


Tony Webster, Register to Vote Here, 2012. Creative Commons Attribution (2.0).


Register to vote!

Dear friends,

We know that a lot of us in the artistic community don’t vote for various reasons. However at this time, when populist, nativist, and openly fascist forces are coalescing all over the world, not voting is a luxury that we cannot afford.

It is important not to confuse the process of signing someone’s name on a piece of paper and dropping it in a box with freedom. It is equally important not to confuse it with slavery. Voting is not everything, but is not nothing. The same reality that makes voting a necessary but insufficient political mechanism also makes denouncing it ridiculous. Not voting won’t free you from anything anymore than voting will. Registering to cast a ballot and actually casting one is a small but essential part of the progressive movement that includes going to meetings, protesting in the streets, instituting emancipation, and organizing the abolition of ignorance, violence, and hate. e-flux encourages all our readers, in the United States and elsewhere, to register to vote, whenever and wherever they can. 

So please: REGISTER TO VOTE! (and once you have done that, particularly those in the US—please don’t vote for Trump)

P.S. We’ll be closing shop for a short summer break. Back on August 18 with a new website soon to follow. 



Some helpful links:

Voter registration deadline by state:

Voter registration guidelines:

Online voter registration help:

Vote from abroad:

International democracy assistance and election news:

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