Program: Thursday, January 30, 2020, 9pm - Bar Laika presents: Liam Gillick, Pelin Tan
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 9pm          Bar Laika by e-flux, 224 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA

Bar Laika presents: Liam Gillick, Pelin Tan

Liam Gillick, Pelin Tan (still), 2019. Film, 27:54 minutes. 

Liam Gillick, Pelin Tan, 2019, 27:54 minutes
For Matera European City of Culture 2019, Pelin Tan researched labour conditions and the new sense of place and community that began with the Riforma Agraria in 1950: from the exodus from Matera’s Sassi to the newly built neighbourhoods in the decades that followed to the re-occupation of the Sassi by left-wing activists in the 1970s, and the contemporary arrival of migrants via the Mediterranean today. 

Pelin Tan is a sociologist and art historian, the sixth recipient of the Keith Haring Fellowship in Art and Activism (2019 - 2020), and research fellow of the Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (Boston). Tan is involved in artistic and architectural projects that focus on urban conflict, territorial politics, and conditions of labor.

Liam Gillick lives and works in New York City. Gillick deploys multiple forms to make visible the aesthetics of the constructed world and examine the ideological control systems that have emerged along with globalization and neoliberalism. 

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Bar Laika presents: Liam Gillick, Pelin Tan
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