Program: Sunday, February 3, 2013 -

Art Between the Cracks at LA ART BOOK FAIR

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Art Between the Cracks at LA ART BOOK FAIR

e-flux journal is pleased to announce our participation in the LA Art Book Fair and a public conversation with Sylvère Lotringer and Anton Vidokle: Art Between the Cracks.

Let’s stop worrying about becoming professionals. Instead, let’s engage with the cultural field as passionate hobbyists, talented amateurs, dedicated tinkerers. Let’s be part-time artists who, out of pleasure or necessity, excel in innumerable other capacities to support an art practice. Teaching and education carry a great potential for emancipation, but in recent years art education has grown into an industrial machine, a ponzi scheme that puts artists into debt with the promise of securing professional careers that may or may not even exist. Maybe publishing books or a small journal can provide another way to become involved in a certain quality of art education that can still be emancipatory.

Sylvère Lotringer is the general editor of Semiotext(e), lives in New York and Baja, California. He is the author of Overexposed: Perverting Perversions (Semiotext(e), 2007). Best known for its introduction of French theory to American readers, Semiotext(e) has been one of America’s most influential independent presses since its inception more than three decades ago. Publishing works of theory, fiction, madness, economics, satire, sexuality, science fiction, activism and confession, Semiotext(e’)s highly curated list has famously melded high and low forms of cultural expression into a nuanced and polemical vision of the present.

Anton Vidokle is an artist and a co-editor of e-flux journal – a monthly art publication featuring essays and contributions by some of the most engaged artists and thinkers working today. e-flux journal books, co-published with Sternberg Press, Berlin, include: What is Contemporary Art? (2010); Going Public,Boris Groys (2010); Are You Working Too Much? Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art (2011); The Wretched of the Screen, Hito Steyerl (2012) and other titles.

Special thanks to AA Bronson and Bettina Korek/

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Art Between the Cracks at LA ART BOOK FAIR
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