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03. Sep. 2013
ruudbecker /
Den Haag e.o.

Kunstenaar zoekt een model, vrouw 20-35 liefst lang haar, blond? niet per se, liever geen tatoos of piersings, niet naakt, gekleed, licht erotisch, pumps, zomerjurk, benen en waar nodig is een wit broekje. Kijk op mijn site om een idee te krijgen waar het om gaat. En reageer. Je krijgt als dank naast de credits ook een ingelijst exemplaar van de prent, waarvoor je hebt geposeerd.

13. Aug. 2013
Berlin /
den haag


I am looking for a tattoo apprenticeship or any advice on how to get one. What are tattooers looking for in a portfolio, I know solid line work and shading, but what else? what more? I like to add/hide a little humour in my designs and some may say it would be my trademark however I am not even there yet!

Any name dropping is also welcome! :) :) :)

I can offer photography in return, or dog cuddles (my dog agrees to this) and of course I can offer all the time in the world as an apprentice!

Let me know


13. Aug. 2013
Berlin /
den haag


I offer tattoo designs, and later tattoos and also pictures!

I a photographer looking for a tattoo apprenticeship and I would love to hear your tattoo ideas and put them into drawings :)

send me a message! :)


19. Jun. 2013
Marp /
The Hague

Any graphic designer / illustrator out there that would like to design a fresh, clean and creative event invitation? You're welcome to suggest your own ideas about the format, letter type, illustrations and general design of the invitation. The hours for the task are negotiable. Please get in touch if you're interested and/or would like to get more information. Reference of your work would be highly appreciated.

09. Jun. 2013
kosta tonev /
den haag

We need a laptop or a MacMini for the days between June 13 – 23. One of the participants in the exhibition is going to present an HD video, which has to be played from a computer.
The Time/Bank is offering a daily rental fee. The fee can be negotiated.

03. Jun. 2013
Tiia Vitikainen /

Ever thought of making pretty photos of your cat/dog/lizard/horse to be able to print them out and hang them on your wall for everyone to behold and adore? Figured that hiring a photographer might be expensive?

I'm a hobbyist photographer willing to come to you and shoot a short, informal session with your pet (and you, if you'd like) in a setting of your choosing. Afterwards, I will do the post-processing if you'd like (think enhancing colors and making contrast/brightness corrections) and hand the source files over to you. These files you can then bring to a print shop of your choosing to print out the images!

At native resolution the image is 41 cm x 27 cm, but can be printed out larger - up to the size of 120 cm x 80 cm! A print will make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. And since you have the original source files, you can use them to print out t-shirts or mugs as well.

If you're intrigued but not yet quite convinced, feel free to check out my animal photography at Flickr: .

For further questions, feel free to contact me!

31. May. 2013
Tiia Vitikainen /

I'm offering my web design and development skills to further grow my portfolio and to help you with your business - be it hairdresser, artist, photographer, blogger, knitter, teacher or anything else!

The things I can do for you (please note that the amount of hours required varies and will be agreed upon after a consultation of maximum one hour):

- teach you how to set up a website (either through a free service or a paid-for hosting and domain) and then give you some resources for making the website yourself
- look at your current website, make suggestions how to improve it
- make agreed-upon visual changes on your current website and, for example, add functions such as social sharing to get more exposure within your target audience.

My help is available in Finnish, English or Dutch, preferably through Skype and e-mail but I'm also willing to meet in person in the vicinity of 's-Hertogenbosch. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions, or check our my website:

I also offer graphic design skills and can help you with creating yourself a brand identity (think letterheads, business cards, stickers, packaging of the goods you're selling) and photography.

Hopefully I'll hear from you soon!

23. May. 2013
amirhouieh /
den haag


I am a graphic design student at KABK (The Hague).
I am going to make an installation as a school project. And I need your help to do it.

About the installation:
This is about a project which is titled by “Text & Space” in which the space is going to be built by the Text. In brief, by processing and analyzing a text, I export a geometric coordinates for each “word”. Then, each “word” in the text is visualized as a “dot (/point)” in the space ( walls, windows, ground, etc. ). These dots are connected together based on an order by thread.

So, what we are going to do :
We are going to visualized a text in a location ( Aoudiotorium in KABK):
- grid the location (walls,ground and roof.)
- Put some paper stickers in specific point of the grid.
- Connect these dots (stickers) by thread together.

Don`t worry, I have done text and location analyzing, and also grid the location. You only need to follow the plans and numbers.

We need to start in morning early, 08:00. And hopefully finish at 05:00. ( Saturday 1st of June )
I will take care about the lunch + Drinks ( very important).

I am looking forward to hear from you guys who are interested in creating art, fun and of-course serious jobs.
I would like to offer everyone some hours as much as he/she will spend, but unfortunately, at the moment I can not afford more than 4 hours for each person.

But I have earned sth else than hours in time/bank which are more assume.

19. May. 2013
Anna Moreno /
den haag

Hi! Do you have / or know where to find a typical Dutch bike that is completely rusty? I need it for my next art project. It doesn't need to work at all, it has to be completely covered by rust, useless, but complete -no wheels missing...
Can you help me? Hours are negotiable!

17. May. 2013
Stroom Den Haag /
Dena Haag

We are looking for people who can help us to install and guard the exhibition at Quartair in The Hague.

Are you available between 12 - 23 June? Some hours will already be wonderful.

We need help installing the exhibition between 12 – 15 and on the 23 of June.

We are also looking for exhibion guards who can work on the days beween 15 – 22 of June. 

More information on the exhibition here:


16. May. 2013
Esther /
Anywhere - online

I have the basic ideas/design for a small tattoo but would like to make it something more artistic/graphic.

30. Apr. 2013
Masa /
den haag

Capturing ones unique qualities, translating them into personal stamps.

Masaaki's personalised stamps make for a special gift to yourself, good friends, family or colleagues. Just make make an appointment with Masaaki for a short interview. Based on the outcome he will “capture” you by creating your own unique and personalised stamp.

How does it work

1. Short interview
It best to meet in person, I like to meet in a cafe to have an interview and it takes about 30 minute. We can do via Skype, but ONLY if you are living really far.

2. Visualizing your essence
I make sketches of your essence after the interview,
and we decide what going to be in your stamp.

3. Making stamp
I finalize the sketch and make into stamp at my studio and you will hear when it finished.
It take about 1 to 2 weeks after the interview. (depending of my schedule)

19. Apr. 2013
Celine de Kok /
den haag

Afgestudeerd textielontwerpster (aan de KABK in Den Haag) zoekt een of meerdere kunstenaars / ontwerpers om mee samen te werken. Ben benieuwd naar jouw ideeën om performances met textiel (in de breedste zin van het woord) te bedenken..

11. Apr. 2013
Stroom Den Haag /
den haag

Open Call:  Exhibition ‘It’s About Time’

An exhibition organized by the Time/bank at Strrom Den Haag at Quartair (Toussaintkade 55 Den Haag), June 15th – 22nd, 2013.

Curated by Kosta Tonev


Opening reception: June 15th

Closing reception: June 21st and 22nd coinciding with the Time/restaurant and The International Community Currency Conference.


The focus of the exhibition is temporariness and contemporaneity. All artists engaging with the concept of time either as a medium, or as a subject are encouraged to apply. Known as the 4th dimension of an artwork, time can manifest itself on many levels and assume various forms. Artists today often embrace the temporariness of certain practices i.e. time- or process-based art, serial documentations, accumulations etc. The exhibition will last for one week, giving artists the opportunity to also present works, which would evolve within the space. Artists working in all media, reflecting critically on the nature of time are welcome to apply. We are all considered contemporary, but what does it actually mean to be “with the time.”


The exhibited artworks will be for sale during the exhibition. Artists should be willing to accept Hour notes as payment. Buyers may however be asked to cover certain material costs related to the production of the piece such as canvas, paint etc. in Euros.


Applications should be emailed to

Applications should include:

           •           completed application form (please specify, which work(s) you want present at the exhibition, include photos and descriptions (if necessary) Download application form 

           •           images (.pdf) or a link to a website


Please write Application Time/exhibition in the subject line.

The deadline for applications is May 20th.