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pedjalj /

I need really quickly film analysis of Russian silent era movie classic "Battleship Potemkin". Analysis should be written in English and have at least 10.000 characters. It should address historical significance and influence on movie editing.

Thanosjsmir /
den haag

Hello timebakers!

My name is Thanos,
I have been living in Den Haag for some time now and my Dutch are really basic and I feel that now is the time to learn better this language. I had only the 1.1 Dutch course and I need someone to teach me some more useful Dutch and not only the very basic.
You can contact me through here with private message or reach me on my phone. 0687143137.

Betselot /
3 000h
(almost) Den Haag

I have free time since I submitted my thesis. I am male and English speaking person. I need to invest this time for my survival. I can assist on the following subjects:

- GIS and Hydrology course,

- Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry (in English) - at high school level

- Amharic language (Ethiopian) lesson.

timewave /

I will teach you how to make and prepare 3D models for the 3D printing. Optionally i can teach you other Blender skills (animation, video editing, etc..). I am Blender Foundation Certified Trainer (BFCT).

MaroG. /
den haag

I can give courses of Greek Language on all levels and Ancient Greek for beginners. I can propose, discuss and execute educational projects, help to understand learning contexes and give some basic directions of reasearching educational realities, for groups or individuals. I can help on art installations, exhibitions and galleries, organise art workshops for kids and incorporate art history in my practice.

Davida /
den haag en utrecht

Ik kan bijles geven aan leerlingen tot en met de zesde klas van de middelbare school.

Natuur-, Schei- en Wiskunde tot en met de vijfde klas van het VWO. Andere vakken tot en met de zesde klas van het VWO.

Ik ben beschikbaar in Utrecht en in Den Haag

Goyo /
Amsterdam - Den Haag (Haarlem)

I offer myself to give lessons to anyone who want to learn spanish i could do it with groups or one to one also does not matter what is your level: beginners intermediate or advanced .

neda kooki /

I need some advices to complete my proposal that is about imposed factories in marginal area of Tehran and how it changed urban texture ,,,how capitalism development distorted marginalization powers? i need to organize my writings,,,,any one???

Roos /
den haag centrum

Heb nu een half jaar in Cairo gezeten en ben op zoek naar iemand die me kan helpen om mijn Egyptisch te verbeteren, of op z'n minst op peil te houden. Vind het ook niet erg om een Shami dialect te leren (ben ook in Libanon geweest), zolang het maar Arabisch is.

Als tegenprestatie kan ik je helpen je Nederlands of Engels te verbeteren, taart voor je te bakken of te koken.

Having lived in Cairo for a semester now, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to help me improve my Egyptian. (Any Shami dialect wouldn't be a problem either, I went to Lebanon, just as long as it is Arabic).

In return I could help you improve your Dutch or English, make you cakes or cook for you :).

Video Manus /

Beginners Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam with Mareille Labohm: Did you always long to discover your alter ego, or do you simply enjoy being the center of attention? In this two hour workshop, we will go into the basics of theatre, like body awareness and vocal training, and work towards a short scene. No prior experience with acting is required. The group size is limited to 20 persons, so please register.

This will be the first workshop organised by Timebank Amsterdam in the beautiful and historical Waag building in Nieuwmarkt.
Open to new and old timebankers, for those without any hours please feel free to join with a contribution of Beer/Wine/Softdrinks for a borrel afterwards! (let us know if this is the case.)

(If you'd like to join only for the live session and borrel you're very welcome too!)


14.00-16.00 - Workshop
16.00-17.00 - Introduction to Timebank & Live Session
17.00-18ish - Borrel

Please confirm if youd like to join on the Facebook event (or send me a message):

Kitty Hinkenkemper /
Den Haag and surrounding area

Hello dear people,

My name is Kitty Hinkenkemper. I never really did a study (like a full time study in a school) about plants, but I have been raised by my lovely mother who taught me a few things ;) In my study for Shiatsu, I gained more knowledge about what good food is as well. After a few workshops and a short intensive in Slowakia I got to know a reasonable bit.

I like to share my knowledge with you and tell you all that I know!

Especially city people forgot or have never learned about what wild edible plants we can pick and eat. Nature provides us nutritious food in every season of the year.
As spring came late, the wild edibles started to come up late as well. Our kidneys and liver had a hard time coping up wiff this long winter period.

Right now is the time!

Here by I invite you to have a walk with me through nature a park or even the city jungle.

I am really looking forwards to it!