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tatai /

dear people,

a friend of mine is coming to berlin on the next monday and needs a place to stay for two nights. it would be great if it would be near from friedrischshain. he is a great artist and i know him since years.

thank you very much

Fi /

I am looking for someone to swap apartments with between the 3rd and 22nd of May or thereabouts. I am offering a 650 sqft/ 60 sqm 2 room/ 1 bedroom apartment with a balcony & lots of light in Berlin-Wedding for a similar or smaller space in New York for the time period mentioned. Please get in touch for images of the place & more infos. Thanks!

Ronald Huynen /
Den Haag or Delft

Experience The Hague or Delft from a totally different perspective!

Jump aboard in my canoe and I'll show you the historic city of Delft or The Hague as you've never seen it before. If you want I can teach you how to row. But it's really no problem if you just want to relax and enjoy how surprisingly silent the inner city below street level can be.

What about sailing under the bridge on Vermeer's view of Delft scene? Or depending how adventurous you are, I can row you to places where no other boats can go: duck under extremely low bridges, enter pitch dark tunnels, or sneak trough narrow passages.

My canoe can carry two passengers so you can also bring a friend!

figandmarrow /

My husband and I have just relocated to northern New Jersey. I work in the City still and am looking for a room or apartment to stay in during my work week, usually Monday-Thursday though sometimes it's more, sometimes less. I don't need to leave things in the apartment on the days I'm not in town, so the room would not have be ''mine."

The ideal place for me would be willing to accomodate a couple sometimes, be flexible with our dates, and possibly even a tolerate small well-behaved dog. Location and size of the place is less important.

We are happy to house sit, pet sit, water plants. I am a private chef, I'm happy to do all of your cooking if you are interested in doing a direct exchange.

krislaevaert /
Kassel - Berlin - Ghent

In august I will stay in Kassel (Documenta) and in Berlin.
Who will offer me a place (in the garden?) where I can pith my very small tent?
When I will be in which place, depends on the time / bank offerings :-)

(During the months July and August I'll be in the possibility to offer you - or someone else - my studio of 30m2 in the center of Ghent.)

jillturnerart /

I am a lifelong artist activist working with the Occupy Wall Street Timebank. I see the timebank as a possible arts forum/performance space!

I need a place to stay in NYC and would happily offer time at my place in Northampton Mass.

Any one have any suggestions?

413 658 8509

manuschei /
Los Angeles

I am looking for a place to stay in Los Angeles between january 12nd and february 26th.
Room, bed, couch, tent, house, castel-- i'l take whatever comes.
To host me one week within that period would already be very helpful!
i will be working on a film, that is planed to be shoot by the end of feb. in LA.

- can offer video editing, fixing bike, a place to stay in basel (also during art basel)
and more..


feliperodaz /

I need a place tostayin Baku during the Eurovision 2012 week (May 21-29). It's my dreamto watch Eurovision live!

Terms negotiable!
Thank you.

Walden Affairs /
den haag

We offer our space at the Zuidwal 52 in The Hague for non public events:

- A 19th century house
- 3 floors
- Small kitchen
- Chairs
- Very sunny

CR /

Hello, I'm Christopher.

I'm an artist/ designer/ writer/ many other things too I suppose. I'm based in Glasgow. I'm visiting Torino for a couple of days before staying in a flat in Milano until the end of November. There are a couple of other days too where I will be travelling back over to see friends who have shows opening. Would anyone be able to accommodate me on the following days?






In return I can offer any number of things:

A place to stay in Milano (available until 30/11/11).
A place to stay in Glasgow (available from 01/12/11).
I can fix your bike.
I can fix electrical items, lights, the toaster, that sort of thing.
I can fix leaking taps and pipework.
I can fix Apple computers.
I can fix most things or at least tell you what's wrong.
I'm a talented writer and so could write something for you.
I'm a talented proofreader and so could read (and correct) something for you.
I can help with exhibition installation/ deinstallation/ hanging artwork/ packing.
I can help as an artist assistant.
I'm a critic, friendly, and not, but always honest.
I have a driving licence.
I can bake cakes to a particularly high standard.
I can rescue your house plants.

Many other things too. Terms negotiable!
Thank you.


Doris /

We would like to offer a place to stay in Rotterdam (15 min. from the central station).
For 3h/a night you will receive a bed and breakfast at an artist collective based in an old school.

Send an email for more information:

Ronald Huynen /


My name is Ronald, I'm an artist living in The Hague. Me and my girlfriend Ami, a freelance producer of cultural events, plan to visit Berlin for a couple of days. Would be great if you like to host us for 1 or 2 or 3 days (between 5-10 Aug).

Apart from picking the fruits of Berlin, we want to meet a small group of Berlin artists who participated on a drawing project I started a year ago. It's about an endless relay drawing that is passed on from one artist to the other. See

Ami is a masterchef and I'm her jolly assistant. And naturally we would love to cook for you while we enjoy your company and the luxury of your sleeping couch.

Ronald and Ami

redwood.martinez /

I'm an artist looking for some type of housing in Berlin for the month of August.

In the fall, I'm going to Istanbul to do a residency - my schedule is extremely flexible, but I would like to spend about four to six weeks in Berlin this summer.

Previously, I've made work exchange arrangements in Hawaii, New Zealand, and France - working at organic farms in exchange for food and housing. In this same respect (minus the food), I'm looking for some type of housing in Berlin through a work-exchange arrangement.

I can help with gardening, construction/maintenance, and painting, but would also be happy to help with editing, copyediting, graphic design, video editing, and sound editing. Lot's of positive experiences doing work-exchanges for housing in the past; get in touch if you think we might be able to work something out!