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The reason why I'm writing you is that next week I'm going to shoot the videoclip for an italian band. At the moment they are really catching the international interest with their music, but still they are not famous and ...quite poor.
For this reason I'm not going to have any income, and I'm trying to arrange all the technical material that I'll need for the shooting.

Part of the movie we are going to shoot in Clärchens Ballhaus, but most of it we want to shoot in a "normal" apartment, we're a swingdance couple are going to dance in a daily life situation. We know people with aparments, but we don't know anyone who has one with a lot of space and with high ceilings, which would make the shooting easier and allow the camera movement we want.

Hope you can help, we would be glad to exchange time shooting for you, doing some editing or whatever you might need.

Silvia Rossi
+49 152 57683461

My idea for the videoclip is to have a couple (a man and a woman) dancing in different settings of the daily life. The dance would be their secret way of interacting, their secret language, to go through the monotony of the daily routine. For this reason I would like to set some dance in a "daily life setting " as the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the stairs of an apartament and then I would like to set one of the dancing in a very very special place that will represent the place where they're dreaming to be while they're dancing in their home, it represent the place where they imagine to be all of the time that they are dancing, for example a really fancy ballhaus.
I already found the dancers, thay are mainly swing professional dancer but thay can dance also other kind of music.
I already have 2 cameras and one trypod, but I would need some lights, spotlights, lastolite, stands and above all a dolly with rails.
Anybody that is interesting to cooperate in the production as DOP, assistant or other roles is more than welcome.
Esperanza is represented from "gamma record" that is a very good German label











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