Room in Berlin for the summer

redwood.martinez /

I'm looking for modest accommodations in Berlin from mid-June to mid- August.

My needs are very simple: just a quiet, small place in the shade. One room in a shared space would be more than enough. I'd be happy to contribute through work/trade in filmmaking, video and sound editing, editorial and copyediting work, but also gardening, farming, and more manual labor work.

I've recently just finished a feature-length documentary about an ecological restoration project run by a utopian community in Haiti: While in Berlin this summer, I will be preparing for an exhibition: and editing a documentary I've been working on over the past year looking more critically and rigorously at the subject of urban agriculture in various cities around the world: But I don't just want to hole up behind a computer for three months and be antisocial while doing this work! As such, my primary motivation behind looking for housing (shelter?) though Timebank is to engage is a more direct exchange with someone who may have abundant shelter through the summer months and who would be open to contributing this resource as a means of supporting this work of thinking critically about alternative economies, utopian societies, urban agriculture, neo-provincialism, and so on.

So, I'm looking for a situation where I may be provided with modest summer accommodations and the possibility to continue my work while being involved with a housing exchange that could encompass implementing a summer garden, editing a video, copyediting a novel, and/or finding another way to meet the needs of another person or community with a spare room or living space available.

Many thanks for your consideration.











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