Shadow Cabinet

17. Jan. 2017
Cuchifritos /
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Opening: Inauguration Day, January 20 2017, 6-8p
Exhibition Dates: January 20 through March 5, 2017
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 12-6pm
Location: 120 Essex Street NY, NY 10002 (inside Essex Street Market)

State (Wolfgang Staehle), United Nations (Joan Waltemath), Defense (Peter Fend), Navy (Marie Lorenz), Treasury (Stan Cox), Labor (Fred Lonidier), Energy (Brian Holmes), Media (Coleen Fitzgibbon), Intel (Jakob Boeskov), Interior (Alice Outwater) and Education (Franz Vila).

On November 22, 2016, amidst great uncertainty about the direction of the United States in the next four years, a proposal erupted: to launch, as is parliamentary custom in Britain, a Shadow Cabinet.

The Shadow Cabinet, as in Britain, would serve as a voice in contrast with, but not in denial of, the incoming Administration. On occasion, there could even be similar views; we do not yet know. We aim now to put on record the views of members of the most-forward thinking sector, the daring pioneers, of the US. For some, this sector is called the "avant-garde."

Some people go on strike. We do not. We do the opposite. We go to work, in loyal opposition. We call for the Avant-Garde of the United States, the pioneering thinkers and inventors and visualizers, to not object to what has happened, but to project what could instead happen.

Up to four years may be required to wait for enactments.

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