e-flux lectures: Vivian Ziherl in discussion with Elizabeth A. Povinelli, "Articulation Value" 

e-flux lectures: Vivian Ziherl in discussion with Elizabeth A. Povinelli, "Articulation Value" 

Vivian Ziherl will join the chorus of those seeking some kind of way out of here, in discussion with Elizabeth A. Povinelli, and opening with an image contribution by artist, poet, and activist Demian DinéYahzi'.

Ziherl's contribution—articulation—is a borrowed concept improvized through the globally moving art project Frontier Imaginaries, a project dedicated to study the ongoing significance of the frontier within the global era. Starting from the ‘settler region’, it steps translocally from Brisbane (Australia), to Jerusalem (Palestine) and Eindhoven (Netherlands) so far. Each edition brings artists and thinkers from former incarnations into deep conversations with project locations and current social movements.

The central lecture by Ziherl will pick up on Marx’s gliederung (structure) to point to ‘articulation’ not as a declarative expression but as a joint. Moving through a frontier perspective, ways beyond Marxian impasses will be discussed. One of these—Povinelli's Symphony of Late Liberalism—evolves as an analytic tool at the heart of Frontier Imaginaries’ work.

Elizabeth A. Povinelli teaches anthropology and gender studies at Columbia University. She was previously editor of Public Culture and her most recent books are Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Libearlism (2016), The Empire of Love (2006), and Economies of Abandonment (2011). Her writing and filmography focus on the conditions of otherwise in Late Liberalism. She is a founding member of the Karrabing Film Collective.

Vivian Ziherl is a critic and curator from Australia, currently living and working in Amsterdam. In 2015 she founded the art and research project Frontier Imaginaries. Prior to that she worked with If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution, led the curatorial platform Landings together with Natasha Ginwala, staged performance programs at the Stedelijk Museum together with Hendrik Folkerts, and edited several books including Lip Anthology (MacMillan/Kunstverein, 2013).

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Colonialism & Imperialism, Marxism, Globalization
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